Browse 35K+ Creators by Category, Location, Demographic, Audience,
and other Key Criteria

Advertising companies come with different requirements, depending on the product and goals. We know that no two campaigns are alike, which is why we have launched new ways in which to launch an Instagram advertising campaign using our database of creators.

Imagine you could scroll through an extensive list of available creators in order to find the one who matches the look, number of followers, price and demographic you are aiming for. Now you can. Enter the "browse creators" functionality from Insense. It's a PRO feature that gives you so much more flexibility to create the content you want using the ideal creators to leverage it for you.

So How Does The Browse Creators Functionality Work?
This new feature allows advertisers to first browse through available creators on the Insense platform before sending them the brief. You can search our database of creators by using three different primary parameters:
  1. Search by name
  2. Search by their audience
  3. Search by the creator's personal information
We've also broken each parameter down a little further to offer you a more granular search facility.
Search by name:
Searching by name allows you to search for creators you know by name, or to go through all available creators based on their alphabetical positioning. If you have a particular creator in mind, you can find their profile with a few simple clicks by searching for their Instagram name.
Search by audience:
Searching by audience gives you the ability to dig deeper into each creator's audience specifics, such as the audience interests, country of following and also gender. This is the ideal search facility for those wanting to target a very niche audience.
Search by personal info:
If you conduct a search using the creator's personal information, you can search by category, the number of followers the creator has, or the price per post. If you're on a budget, you can find only the creators that match your preferred price, or you can select creators based on the type of content they share.
It's that simple. If your brief calls for a very specific creator to be the face of your content, there is no better way to access them quickly and effectively.

Ready to browse our creators? This option is ready and waiting for you on our Agency subscription plan.
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