Creating Opportunity
Between Influencers And Brands
With Instagram

Instagram is creating ways for influencers and brands to make the most of the platform and their posts.
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Creating Opportunity Between Influencers And Brands

Instagram is an essential item for a business's marketing toolkit. It has proven to help businesses connect with different audiences, in a space where they are most comfortable. The platform's aesthetically pleasing interface has forged many a bond between high profile influencers and people from the general public, making it the ideal gateway for brands that want to leverage off those connections.

Enter the Branded Content tools for Instagram: a completely non-invasive, measurable way for brands to connect with people via their favorite influencers. The transparency of these tools not only benefits the brand, but also the content creators (influencers). Comprehensive insights allow brands to visually see the fruits of their collaboration via their connected Facebook page.
How Branded Content Will Change Instagram As We Know It

In the spirit of complete transparency, the general public will also be able to see when posts are as a result of a partnership between the brand and creator, either in their regular newsfeed or via Instagram Stories. This may cause concern for advertisers who want their posts to appear as organic as possible, as the posts featured by these collaborations will be marked as paid partnerships. But there is no reason to fear the update. It can only create another channel for brands to experiment with amazing concepts and content that is still natively produced. The content will also still be a clear recommendation from the creator or influencer, which will also be picked up by the creator's follower base.

While the unveiling of this new chapter in influencer marketing is still under trial, the results from both sides of the fence have been positive and it looks like this could be rolled out to businesses and influencers in the very near future.
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Measurable Results

Brands and businesses that are tagged in the paid partnership posts will be able to access insights into each post. They will be able to visually see the reach of each piece of content, as well as the engagement in terms of likes and comments. This information will be tabled in their connected Facebook Page Insights. Where Instagram Stories has been used to publicize content, brands will be able to view insights for up to 14-days. In the Stories results, businesses can access information relating to reach, taps (both forward and backwards), replies and exits.

On the other side of the spectrum, creators will also be able to view the metrics in their app insights.
How Insense Is Meeting Brands Needs For Exposure
Insense's Influencer + Paid Social product is meeting the same demands as the new Instagram Branded Content option, although it's not exactly the same feature. There are differences and similarities between the two, but at the end of the day, both are catering to the same needs. Users want fresh content from their favorite influencers and creators. Brands want to be able to spread the knowledge of their products and services, and do so with measurable results. To do this, they want key people to help promote their businesses for them.

This product offers the facility for a comprehensive briefing process. Brands will set up a campaign and list their needs for both the campaign as well as what is expected from the creator.

By being able to define precise targeting, brands can reach any custom target audience they are hoping to engage. Influencer + Paid Social also offers the opportunity to add clickable links within posts as well as download features by using the connectivity between Insense and Facebook Ads Manager. This prevents brands from losing their audience, rather keeping them right where they want them and then directing them to the appropriate place to take action.

Official Instagram ad from creator's handle using the creator's content

With this in mind, brands can now expand their reach, raise awareness about their products and take measurable strides into gaining momentum, simply by taking advantage of the opportunities being formed with content creators around the world.
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