Insense @ Facebook Global Partner Summit 2017

We attended the Facebook Global Partner Summit 2017, an annual event FB puts on for their marketing partners to learn about the latest developments in social and new things on Facebook's roadmap.
CEO Insense, Danil Saliukov and Director, Sales & Business Development, Igor Gauzner came back with a lot of insights, new relationships with FMP's and ton of support
to what Insense has built.

Here are a couple standout highlights from the event and what it means for you.

Video is increasingly becoming more important than ever in social marketing and your customer's newsfeed. Campaigns that Facebook sees as most impactful are those which are personalized and custom to a specific, target audience and engaging video content has become a must to keep your audiences tuned. With that, more and more video creative is being incorporated in ads and video ads are continually outperforming static images in many campaigns. New video driven ad formats like Instagram Stories are set to skyrocket this year and next; forward thinking advertisers are already there.

Though branded Instagram Stories are on the rise, many brands struggle with this new ad format as they're are not adapt to creating content in such manner, ex. vertical video. Influential content creators on the other hand are champs in this medium, so the opportunity for brands to collaborate with creators on video content for Instagram Stories is stronger than ever.
Creative Measurement
With more content than ever it's difficult to decide what's 'good content' and what is 'bad content'. As Facebook's Kelly Maclean explained, there is more content than ever, meaning the ability to win attention has never been more important. Creative storytelling crafts connection so take a look at the data to try and understand what's important to people.

One of Insense favorites takeaways was, much like a software company needs to create a minimum viable product (MVP) to test with, advertisers need to create an MCI, a minimum compelling idea. The more content and ideas you have to test with, the more you're able to optimize and better off an advertiser will be.
Facebook and Instagram's fastest growing advertisers are using substantially more creatives across all segments. Hence, our aim to connect advertisers with influential creators to economically generate brand quality content, at scale - & plugging into FB Ads Manager using those assets via paid media to drive measurable results - was strongly reinforced.

We've been up to a lot and we would like you to be a part of it. If you have any questions about influencer media + paid social or would like a demo of our new capabilities with Facebook Ads Manager - feel free to write us ( or create a campaign!