J o o m

Drive Installs through Instagram

Create content for you marketing 5 time cheaper than usual production-studios
Run Ads using Creator Handles

Thanks to our unique integration with FB Ads Manager, Insense allows you create paid ads - using all FB's granular targeting and custom parameters - that use the influencer's handle.

This is a new and extremely powerful capability for brands, and represents the next evolution in 'influencer' marketing.

Simple way to video content production for the Joom

Joom is a mobile-first marketplace that lets users shop millions of products at deep discounts.

Joom offers:
— The lowest prices
— Free delivery to any city
— Secure payments using Card or PayPal for easy checkout
—Infinite product feed of recommended products

They've been watching for review-type videos that show an app, and these videos do not need to be posted. Videos can be simple and natural to your own voice and style