Zip my Dress
Drive purchase through Instagram
ZMD saw 2:1 ROAS, earning $2 of revenue for each $1 of ad spend
Return on Ad Spend
Lower cost per click
Run Ads using Creator Handles

Thanks to our unique integration with FB Ads Manager, Insense allows you create paid ads - using all FB's granular targeting and custom parameters - that use the influencer's handle.

This is a new and extremely powerful capability for brands, and represents the next evolution in 'influencer' marketing.

Driving Brand awareness & traffic from Instagram Sponsored stories

Zip My Dress is a product that helps women get dressed without help. The brand's story is one of freedom, strength and independence - and ZMD needed to tell that story in a compelling way. Insense helped ZMD reach a wide audience, with visually immersive creative that inspire action, built awareness and drove site traffic.

ZMD used Insense to create a library of fresh creative assets and compelling influencer posts. ZMD then ported this content through FB Ads Manager, to create a campaign that leveraged relatable, authentic creator handles, combined with the reach, targeting, and calls-to-action allowed by paid ads.

With this combination of influencer + paid social amplification, Zip My Dress drove creative, compelling messaging that led to strong business results.