Insense. November 19, 2018
Empowering brands to tell compelling social stories with measurable ROI.
Insense was founded in 2015 by Danil and Anton Saliukov, brothers from the Russian city of Ufa. At the time, Anton ran a small advertising agency, and Danil was leading digital content at Qiwi (NASDAQ: QIWI), a major payment services provider in Eastern Europe.

Growing tired of their routine, Danil and Anton wanted more. Inspired by the independent strength of their hometown - known for defending itself from conquerors for hundreds of years - the brothers wanted to create something of their own.

Danil and Anton had strong expertise in brand promotion, marketing and content, so creating something in the social marketing space made sense. But because that space was already crowded, the brothers knew they needed to introduce something that would fundamentally shift how brands engage their audiences.

To add additional expertise in advertising and product development, the brothers joined forces with Alexander Fedorenko, who who became the third cofounder.

The three liked Instagram, and knew it was a key component in how brands engage consumers. However, they also knew that Instagram and custom content creation at scale had major shortcomings around metrics and analytics: brands struggled to truly understand the impact of their social campaigns. In addition to murky attribution, brands were also failing to effectively leverage the authenticity and creativity of the creators they were working with.

The three founders knew they could solve these issues, by building a platform that gave brands new power and visibility into social ad metrics, and by streamlining how brands work with influential and professional creators - so focus can be put on top quality creative content.
And that is what's different about Insense: the platform combines the authentic creativity and voice of creators along with the powerful reach, targeting, and analytics of paid social. By integrating creators' Instagram accounts directly into brands' Facebook Ads Manager, Insense lets brands track co-branded with creators campaigns in real time — an industry first.

From it's first offices in Moscow, Insense hit the ground running, counting Fortune 500 brands like Uber and McDonalds as first clients. Not long after, in 2016, Insense participated in NYC-based VC fund Starta Capital's accelerator, and in early 2017 the company opened its New York offices.

Today Insense is the creative platform that provides clear, precise, and performance-based metrics for campaigns made with creators. This means that Insense doesn't need to worry about vanity metrics like follower count, and instead can focus on the quality of the content the creators produce. Insense has over 35.000 creators on board, including some the most creative minds on Instagram, across a huge range of categories.

PS: what does "Insense" mean? It's a portmanteau, or combination word. "Insense" combines "Instagram" and Adsense," because that's exactly what we do: combine the inspiring and diverse creative content of Instagram, along with the precision analytics of Adsense.