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“Broadcast yourself”

The now famous slogan encapsulates the very ethos of YouTube – to serve as a platform for anyone to show themselves, their talents, their joys and their misfortunes to the world. While we all dreamed of being on TV, YouTube democratized the world of broadcast and made it possible for anyone, anywhere, to become a star of their own show, a lot of the time right from home. Much has changed about YouTube over the years, but that core tenet has stayed the same.

Content Creators on YouTube – The Driving Force

According to Social Blade there are nearly 45 million YouTube creators and counting (channels with more than 5-10 subscribers) covering every niche, hobby and topic you can think of, from gaming to vintage car restoration and everything and anything in-between (and we mean anything). It’s this sheer number of unique content creators that drives 2 billion registered users every month to watch 1 billion hours of video every singleday. For many YouTube is TV.

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Content Creators on YouTube – The Driving Force

First things first, what is a YouTube Content Creator?

It’s all those who make the videos we watch and love. Behind every hour of YouTube we watch there’s a content creator who has probably spent a multitude of that creating it for our entertainment or educational pleasure. Some people just put up a camera and speak their mind right to it, others take a camera with them everywhere and go around showing something cool, some take us inside their kitchens to show us meals that can take ten minutes or most of the day to make, while in the case of the learning mega-channel Kurzgesagt, some videos take a whopping 1200 hours and a whole team to research, fact-check and animate.

So, the answer to what is a YouTube content creator is both simple and complicated. Content creators on YouTube are as different and varied as all of us, that’s why we can always find someone that appeals to us and our interests.  

How to Become a YouTube Content Creator

If you have the passion and the drive, creating your own content for YouTube can be a very fulfilling, but at first challenging and effortful, undertaking. Some even do it as their job. Brands look for content creators to collaborate with and represent their product or service all the time, and if you have an interesting personality or engaging material that resonates with audiences you can quickly build up a following that nets you both a loyal viewership and a steady income.

The YouTube Creator Academy is a great place to start. With a learning center and resources covering content production, community engagement, monetization and more it’ll give you the skills needed to get started.

And when you’re ready, has all the easy-to-use tools creators need to make great branded content and get rewarded for it. Create a profile, show us what you’ve got, and start getting matched with brands.

How to Become a YouTube Content Creator

How Video Content Creators on YouTube Help Brands

As the digital media landscape has shifted greatly from traditional TV to online video platforms, brands that don’t adapt get left behind. Online content creators are the rockstars and celebrities of our day, and their voice matters just as much. And most importantly for brands, they drive buying decisions for their viewers (who number in the billions). Take the numbers:

  •    Over 70% of shoppers say online video has helped them learn more about an auto product they intend to buy.
  •    Over 50% of global shoppers surveyed say online video has helped them decide which specific brand or product to buy.
  •  50% of electronics shoppers say they purchased products they discovered on YouTube.
  •    Over 50% of shoppers say they are more likely to visit a store and to consider or buy a specific product if it is mentioned in an online video.
  •  Over 90% of shoppers say they’ve discovered new products and brands on YouTube.

Source: Think with Google

That’s a lot of eager eyes and ears on video and the people who make it. And brands who take full advantage of social media video content creators and influencers are poised to lead the pack.

How Video Content Creators on YouTube Help Brands

Find the Best YouTube Content Creator for You

With so many different creators out there, it can be hard to narrow down on who best to showcase your brand, and who will give you the best bang for your buck. Not every creator and audience are created equal, nor would they necessarily be a good fit just cause they’re “big.”

Insense has taken care of all the nitty-gritty so you can save time, effort and money in connecting with the perfect creators and jumping straight to the action – creating awesome content that gives you the relevant audience and brand awareness you need.

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