EARN UP to $800
For recommending Insense
to brands you have worked with before
How do I earn money from introducing Insense to a brand?
To earn up to $800, introduce Insense client success manager to a brand that you've worked with before / is working with now on any other project. When a brand purchases a subscription, it'll get 20% off that will automatically apply to every month they use Insense platform.

You can introduce Insense via email template that we've prepared for you here. Don't forget to include James, our client success manager, in the copy to that email. James will take it from here, follow up on your email, hold a demo call with a brand manager and consult on how to utilize Insense tech for brand's business purposes.
How much do I earn?
There are two subscription plans we have here at Insense: $299 and $999 . Purchasing one of them thanks to your intro brands receives a 20% discount. You receive the full amount of money brand pays for the first month of using Insense. Which means either: $230 or $790 depending on the chosen plan.
Why would brands want to work with Insense?
Insense helps advertisers to save time and money on finding the right creators and amplifying the reach they can get from such collaborations. Besides that, thanks to Insense, advertisers are now able to measure the outcome of the campaigns with creators thank to format of Paid Social campaigns
Why would brands trust Insense?
Insense displays prices as they are. The amount creator sets applying for the campaign is the exact price the brand sees. Insense doesn't put any commission on top of what creator earns. Additional factor is that the majority of clients come to Insense thanks to recommendation of our service from other advertisers.
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