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With Insense Custom Content Creation and Video Production
Content may be "king", but how do you generate enough content to crown your brand a winner?
With User Generated Content from Influencers Who Know Social Best
It Just Makes Sense to Use Influencer Content Creation To Boost Your Marketing Results!
Insense Mixes Modern-Day Technology and Marketing Smarts To Create and Produce Outstanding User Generated Content Campaigns
Social media influencers regularly use their talents to talk about brands they love, demonstrate a product in action, or motivate followers to take a particular action. Put them to work creating effective advertiser content to promote your brand!

When You Need Any Sponsored Content, Insense Helps You Find and Manage Professional Creators Who Get It Done Cheaper and Faster
Why Use Native Content Production?
Extremely talented professionals are ready and waiting to help boost your brand online. Use the Insense user generated content advertising platform to:
  • Receive Mass Quantities of Spot-On Content at Cost-Effective Prices: Don't pay for all the costs involved in running an agency or production studio when all you need is very specific creative content. Build a content creation community that can generate hundreds of quality marketing components with less hassle and lower costs than it would take to get a simple ad created.
  • Engaging Content for Any Marketing Need: You might need anything from content for Instagram stories and advertising content creation to Facebook ads or YouTube videos. Insense makes it easy to find specialists for each task.
  • Real Content from Real Influencers: Why pay money to obtain content from those who think they can write for social, when you can use real influencers who already excel at creating content that works?
  • Reach Multiple Demographics with Appropriate Content: Whether you are targeting Millennials, Hispanics, or Fashionistas, there is somebody out there who is already communicating effectively to this audience. Generate hyper-personalized content from the influencers who know their followers best.
Use the Insense video production network, and see for yourself how easy it is to find creators, generate custom video content, and amplify your brand exposure – at a price lower than any production studio or agency.
Create Stunning Content Campaigns to Boost Your Brand on Social
Insense gives you exclusive access to our hand-picked, verified premium content creators. Whether your campaign calls for an Instagram content creator or a YouTube video producer, we help you find and work with the best and brightest to create unique content that helps your brand stand out.
Custom Content Creation and Video Production
Quickly and easily create affordable custom content and videos at scale. Use them for mobile, Instagram Stories, YouTube channels, and everywhere else your brand needs to be seen. We help you assemble a team that can design and produce the exact content you need, at the specific time you need it.
How to Generate Custom Content for Your Brand
Use our high-tech platform to work with creators for social media video production and YouTube video production, buy content for Instagram, or create content for Facebook ads. To order the creation of a branded photo or video using Insense Custom Content Creation, you simply:
Complete a creative brief to describe your brand, product or service, and let creators know what you have in mind.
We search our database of verified influencers to find just the right communication professionals to meet your exact needs.
Professional, proven creators will create content you can use for any communication needs, such as targeted advertising, in social media, on your website, or with presentation materials.
You will receive content that is several times cheaper and faster than when ordering in production studios. Plus, buyer involvement will be much higher since the product is immediately shown organically embedded in the life of potential consumers.
Benefits of Using Insense User Generated Custom Content Production
We have built a simple and effective process to create a communication campaign for your brand:
    • It's fast: Receive your work product within anywhere from 1-2 weeks, depending on the project's complexity, compared with the usual month-long timeframe from a production studio.
    • It's cost-effective: One creator can create a high-quality video with a budget of just $500-1000, whereas a production studio might start at $3500-5000.
    • It's yours: You receive non-exclusive rights, so your completed content can be used to extend campaign effectiveness with any of your marketing needs including social, website, print, and point of sale.
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