Insense app updates:
references, chat with brands, bidding

It usually takes a few hours of work to create cool content: to come up with a concept, adjust the lights, edit the photo, write engaging text. The result of this work is quite expensive. What even more expensive is all the time wasted on processing new orders, clarifying the details of the brief, waiting for the manager's response to the mail.

Our goal is to help authors do their job effectively. That is why we revised the interface of Insense application and added six new features which will minimize the waste of time leaving more room for creative ideas to come true.

New view of project feed
It is not always easy to understand which brand is sending an offer. At the same time you don't want to dig into details and go through the whole brief. Even when it's a good project, you could skip it if it was not clear at first sight. In this case looks really matter and the first impression works.

We changed the view of the project feed to make it clear at first look with which brand you will be working.
"It's still not clear at which angle a photo should be taken. The brief said "light background". Is it about color or lighting?". Familiar situation. A clear example is missing here to make the task precise.

We have added a reference to each brief - the example of a photo/ video that will help you understand expectations of the brand towards photo and save a lot of your time. Don't say "thank you", we know that it's amazing.

Chat with brands
Even if you come across a perfect brief and references make you imagine a future post, clarifications would be needed anyway. You can ask all the questions can directly to brand manager in the app's chat. Don't turn off app notifications since they will let you know about every new message right away. One click and you are chatting with a brand.
Pricing changes
"What is the price for this campaign? The brand is great, content would be tasty, but I'll have to invest more time than usual." The solution will come in conversation. If the original price you set is too high for the brand - discuss it in the chat. You can change the price before the brand approves your participation in the project. It's a win win for both.
Add a few photos
As a result of photoshoot there are 10 pictures which are all great (what a talent!). Which one to choose for brand? All of them! In the updated version of Insense you can send a few photos for a brand to choose. Use the same chat for that. A brand will pick the final photo to be published. Saving the time for creating the best content!
Notifications about new events
A few projects are going on at the same time. They all are at different stages and need attention. How to keep up with status updates and new messages? Follow red dot, they will show you the way :)