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  • AI Video Generator

    Use Machine Learning to recompose 3-5 videos out of one original asset
  • Edit your Content

    Trim, fit, add a logo and call to action - all quickly and easily with our Video Editor
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    Transform your branded photos to video and create video ads

Posts with video content get 5X more visibility on Facebook and Instagram

According to a study conducted by Facebook IQ.

Success Story

Kenwood Kitchen Machine

We used our Machine Learning Video Editor to create multiple ad-optimized variations on one source video. This allowed testing various imagery and CTAs across Facebook and Instagram.
  • 03days to deliver
  • 18assets created
  • $5.5average price per asset

How It Works

  • Optimize content

    Adapt your content to any platform or placement, and add brand logo and call to action. Using our tools, it's easy and fast for anyone! No video? No problem! Find creators on Insense, or create videos from your existing image assets.
  • AI generated video

    Create several videos from one source tool using AI and machine learning. With this capability, you can test multiple calls to action, ad objectives, and placements, so you can find the optimal performing content and maximize your budgets.
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