How to read a Brief
Once you're ready to start, you will find some tips to start generating fantastic work with us, and we will show you: How To Read a Brief, How to Communicate with Brands, and extra tips.
1.- Open your Campaign Dashboard
In this part, you will find the campaigns that you can apply to participate. It is essential to mention that there are two sections on this Dashboard:

The“Match”section includes exclusive campaigns to which Brands invite you, based on a search engine on the platform that found your profile the most appropriate.

The“All”section contains campaigns that are open to all creators. Feel free to browse these campaigns and apply for any that seem like a fit.
2.- Click and read the Brief

The brief contains important information. Ensure you understand every part of it before applying, especially be sure that you know after reading:

a.) If you need to create and publish the material or only need to create content for the Brand.
b.) The Deadline Date
c.) Wich material is required, the format needed, and the quantity.
d.) Read about the Brand and its vision to guarantee you understand how to connect your content with it.
e.) In the description: All the steps required to create the content, recommendations, context if its given, and specifications. Here, every detail it's essential.
f.) Must of the Briefs, carry out some examples.

3.- Interpretation
If you are already part of Insense's creators, you have gone through filters where we make sure that your profile meets the minimum of quality and creativity. Make sure always to show your most creative part, aligned with the Brand's wishes reflected in the Brief.

At Insense, Brands have guidance when making their Briefs Campaigns, so you can get as many details as possible, and ensure the best content with excellent results.

If you have extra ideas, be sure to discuss them with the Brand and understand if they fit their campaign's vision.

Once you understand how your profile can ensure the content that the Brand seeks, it is time to apply!


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