Sample delivery

The sample delivery process and why it's important.
Will the brand provide a product sample for a campaign?
Dmitry from Insense
Breakfast without good coffee is not breakfast! The same works for an ad. YES! Brands provide all the needed samples, if required by the campaign. The main thing for you is to give a complete and correct delivery address. Don't worry, you'll get everything you need to test and create great content!
How can I track the sample delivery process?
Dmitry from Insense:
We took care of it. You don't have to go anywhere or call! As soon as the brand determines the delivery date, you'll get a push notification (don't turn them off!). Missed a notice? You can always find the info about delivery in the campaign card, just go to your App!
What do I do if the package hasn't arrived on time?
Dmitry from Insense
This happens sometimes. Courier can get stuck in traffic, the city is covered with rain or snow. Wait a day, let the forces of nature (amongst others) solve the problem. If you're still waiting for a package, write to us ASAP (in the section "Contact us" right in the app) and we'll find it!