You've completed a gig, or you're just interested in
how we compensate Creators for their work.
Is my income at Insense taxed?
Dmitry from Insense
Insense as a platform does not aim to earn on intermediary services between brands and creators, but offers creators the opportunity to work on completely transparent terms directly, without a commission of intermediaries. Therefore, creators always receive the amount they agree with the brand at the beginning of the work.

We kindly remind you that this income can be taxed. Check your country's taxation conditions and pay taxes on time.
How do I get paid on Insense?
Dmitry from Insense
Insense takes care of all payments for work completed through the platform. Make sure when you sign up that you choose a payment preference & complete your payment info so your payments won't be delayed. Payments are issued to a creator 3 days after the gig is complete (meaning, all the deliverables in the campaign brief have been completed).

Insense issues payment via Paypal or direct deposit. Our direct deposit method is free of fees, what you bid is what you're paid. If your bank is based in the U.S or has a U.S routing number, you can select this payment method in your settings. If you select Paypal as your payment method, please note PayPal deducts a 3% service fee from your payment.
What a recommeded price is?
Dmitry from Insense:
You may have noticed a recommended price appearing with some offers. We're providing a recommened price to help you stay on target with a brand's goals for a campaign and to increase your likelihood of being selected.
How do you determine what my recommended price is?
Dmitry from Insense
We calculate your recommended price based on several factors, ie: number of followers, engagement rate and the kinds of goals the campaign is trying to meet. It's truly a recommendation though! You can bid higher or lower in your app.
Can I set a price that is different from the recommended one?
Dmitry from Insense
Of course, you can bid higher or lower, but if a recommended price is supplied for an offer, know that bidding higher might reduce your chance of being chosen.
I submitted the wrong bid price when I applied for a campaign. Am I able to update it after I submit my application?
Dmitry from Insense
We get it: sometimes you're moving too quickly when you hit "Apply" on a campaign and the wrong info gets sent off. If you've made a mistake and need to update your bid price, please reach out to [email protected] ASAP. Keep in mind that an increase in a bid price may impact your standing in a campaign.
How do I know if the money has been transferred to my bank account?
Dmitry from Insense
There is nothing better to receive a notification from the bank that money has been transferred to your account. As soon as we send the money you'll receive a push notification (don't turn them off!).
Where and how can I choose the way I want to be paid?
Dmitry from Insense
It's all in the app! Go to the $ icon found in the main toolbar towards the bottom. This is the section where you can add a payment method. It's simple and secure!
What currency do I get paid in?
Dmitry from Insense
It would be cool to have our own currency, but it's not in our plans yet! So, all the payments are in dollars.
What are the guarantees that I will get paid?
Dmitry from Insense
We work with brands only on a prepayment basis. We hang on to your money until the campaign is complete. All these terms are stated in our agreement which you can always find in our app.