Rights and security

Arbitration on the platform and security guarantees.
Where can I review the privacy policy?
Dmitry from Insense
We care about the reputation and security of our users, so all the Privacy Policy terms can be found in Personal Data section (icon "Man", right corner).
Is it safe for my Instagram account to use Insene?
Dmitry from Insense:
We don't ask for access to your account or any personal data. Entering your nickname (@example) during the authorizaiton process is completely safe. Once you are in you become visible to all the brands!
Who can see my statistics and other information from my account?
Dmitry from Insense
All the statistics are available to you for your personal use. You can track your account performance, number of followers and engagement rate. These stats also available to brands so they know how suitable you are for their campaign.
Who has access to my banking info?
Dmitry from Insense
Only Insense accountants has access to your banking info in order to process your payments. Be sure that your info is safe.
Who owns the rights to the content?
Dmitry from Insense
The copyright belongs only to the person who took the picture. When you upload photos, you transmit the right to use pictures and text to us by the User Agreement. You can always read it here
What should I do if I have a disagreement with the brand?
Dmitry from Insense
If the brand isn't satisfied with your post, it can use our "Arbitration" service. In this case, our team will consider the issue and resolve within a week. If you fullfilled all conditions, the payment will be transferred to your account. If the requirements are violated or not fulfilled, the payment will not be carried out. We recommend you to carefully read the campaign conditions.