So it's your first day on Insense

First days can be nerve-wracking. Will they like me? Where do I sit at lunch? What if I accidentally call my teacher "Mom"? No need to worry, though. With our handy quick-start guide, your first day with Insense is gonna be a piece of cake.
Completing your profile will take your chances of being invited for a branded campaign through the roof! Most of the time brands look for specific creators, living in particular city, having particular style of content, etc. Some of their products could be female or male oriented. Even your age can be of high importance for a brand manager! Make sure you don't leave any of these fields empty when setting up your profile with Insense.
Insense has helped me create valuable partnerships to promote great brands and earn doing what I really love - photography. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to expand their reach!
Steve Jacobson
San Francisco, California
Doesn't it feel great to start the day with a push notification to your mobile saying "Hey, Brand X has invited you to participate in their campaign!"? All your new offers can be found in the 'FEED' section of the App. Read the brief carefully — you'll be referring back to it throughout the campaign. The brief will include all content creation needs, your post timeline, posting instructions, all the need-to-know nooks and crannies of the new campaign. Be sure you're ready to deliver what they're asking for.
I love how simple it is to make things happen through Insense. Communication with brands, content creation, direct payments — it's all easy to do and in one app.
Rebecca Johnes
Chicago, Illinois
Once you've went through the campaign brief and it gets your gears turning, get applying! The application might ask you to enter your desired payment. Your chances of getting selected by a brand is determined by many factors like your price, aesthetic fit and audience reach. We're also testing out suggested bids, to increase your chances. Once you submit your bid, brands will consider all applicants for the campaign and you'll hear back in one of three ways: Accept ed— Congrats! Head on to the next step! Counter-offer — The brand wants to play ball. Rejected — Don't let it get you down; brands have to pass for lots of reasons.
I prefer to receive branded offers on a constant basis. Surprisingly, reduced price keeps me earning more!
Emily Snowbell
New York, New York
Got accepted? Time to flex those creative muscles. Depending on the campaign, a brand might send you product to use in creating your content. Stick to the timeline stated for each step and create some next-level content for the campaign. The content should have the same quality and aesthetic as the rest of your feed. Upload all of the required content to the app and wait for the brand feedback. Once the brand approves your content, you get the green light to post your masterpiece. If you've completed the campaign and satisfied all requirements in the brief, you'll be paid within 3-4 days after brand accepts your final live publication.
That's it! The real nitty-gritty of each campaign are detailes in the Brief, so make sure you read those closely.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ for some answers. If you're still in the dark on how to get started, shoot us a line.