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We've considered all the details of your daily life and created something more than just another App. Go for it!
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from a Brand
Our algorithm selects the most compatible options for collaboration with you. It takes into account your personal style and interests.
Create a draft
of your post
Yes, the brand gives you the guidelines, but it does not restrict the height of your creativity. You are the creator they are looking for and are willing to pay for it.

Get paid
Immediately after the draft approval payment will be transferred to your account. Withdrawal occurs without any commissions in a way that you choose.
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Creativity is contagious. Pass it on to your followers! A great story - that is what they are really looking for.
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Who can become an Insense user?
Anyone who has Instagram account can download our app and sign up for Insense, but to apply/participate in a campaign, you need at least 5K followers. That lets us know that you create content that people respond to, and want more of.
Do Brands provide a product sample for a campaign?
Breakfast without a good coffee is not a breakfast! The same works for an advertisement. YES! Brands provide all the needed samples, if it's required by the campaign. The main thing for you is to give the full and correct delivery address. Don't worry, you'll get everything you need to test and create great content!
When do I get paid?
Our payment system is simple and easy. It guarantees the safety both to you and a Brand. The money goes to your Insense account as soon as the campaign starts. It's yours and you'll see them in your account, but to withdraw money you have to publish the post on the date chosen by you at the beginning. Transfer time depends on your bank's conditions and usually takes up to 2-3 days.
Is it safe for my Instagram account to use Insense?
We don't ask for access to your account or any personal data. Entering your nickname (@example) during the authorisation process is completely safe. Once you are in you become visible to all the brands!
I' a celebrity manager / talent agency. How do I get access to Insense?
It's pretty simple! After your registration you can click on the icon "to add" (+ icon) in your profile, enter an Influencer's nickname @example, tick "it's not my blog" and continue. After that, the authorization code from our manager (without mentioning insense platform) will be sent as a Direct message to this Influencer. Ask him/her to give you the cod, enter it in the next registration window. Done. All the offers that are coming to this influencer will be seen only by you.
I still have questions left. How can I get in touch?
Forward any questions you have left to
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