Welcome to Insense Community!
We don't call you"creators"for nothing :) Every piece of content created on Insense is a piece of art - and for each of these master pieces, there's a brand ready to appreciate - and pay for it!
If you’re setting up an influencer profile to increase your chances of getting paid campaigns, you need to verify your Instagram or Youtube account with Insense (your accounts must be public so we can approve it). Insense doesn't get your password or any private info - all we want to do is connect you to offers from brands for your amazing content.

If you're a professional content creator, make sure that your profile is complete with the information required.
Your Profile is the key to getting better campaign offers. Fill in your info (Your name, birth date, phone number, Email, and Social Media usernames), and choose at least six pieces of images and video content to show off your previous work with Brands and Products.

The more complete your portfolio and Instagram/Youtube profile is, the easier it will be for us to connect you with the best brands for you.
Once your account has successfully passed moderation, you will have access to the Campaigns Dashboard. At this point,our team will find opportunities for you to connect with Brands.

According to your Profile and the preferences you put in the app, campaigns that match with you will start appearing on your dashboard.

In a matter of days, you will receive various offers on your campaign dashboard. Remember, you need to read each brief carefully. The briefs will explain the essential details like type of payment, kind/format of content required, posting timeline, instructions, and more.

If a campaign on your dashboard doesn't match with your Profile, you can select "Not Interested." And we will work to improve the future offers you receive.
Once you’ve read the brief and found a campaign you’re interested in, it’s time for you to get in touch with the Brand Manager to apply.

In this conversation, it is crucial that you include the amount of money you would like to receive as payment (in paid campaigns) in exchange for the content specified in the brief. In this phase, the Brand will be evaluating many profiles and they may also negotiate with you.

Once you apply, Brand Managers will consider all of the applications they receive, and if you’re a match, you will receive the news that you have been Accepted in a matter of days.
Once you’re accepted by the brand, you’ll receive a notification and email that confirms that you’ve been hired. You should not start working on any content until you receive this confirmation email.

If, for some reason, you haven't seen the information about being hired, mention this in the chat with Brand before making any content.
When you're accepted, don't forget to look at:
Date stipulated to send a draft for review
Date stipulated to send the content or publish it (according to the type of Campaign)
Once you create the content, upload it in to our platform and wait for the Brand's feedback. - The Brand will give you feedback until the content matches the description in the brief- It's also important that your content be of the same quality as is presented in your Profile.

When you get the final approval by the Brand, it's time to post the material on your accounts, orif it is not a Branded Content Campaign, you can ask the Brand Manager to complete the deal.
Don't worry, all Brands working on Insense have pre-paid for creator content. When a Brand approves you for working on a campaign, the agreed-upon payment amount is immediately frozen on the Brand's account. As soon as the Brand closes the campaign with you, your payment will be released from the Brand and go directly to the account you registered with on Insense.

You can request a withdrawal in the "payout" section. Specify the amount you would like to withdraw. Applications are processed within three business days.

Pay attention to your payment method. The money will be automatically sent to the account specified by you in the app.

Note that if a campaign says the type of payment: Product. It means that the Brand will compensate you with the product you are going to make content for. They will not be paying in money.


Check out OUR FAQ for ANY DOUBT. Wondering where to join? If you need extra support, please write us in the App.

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