How to Brief and Select Creators for UGC Campaigns

Effective communication is the key to successful influencer + creator collaborations. A huge element of that communication that you need to get right is the creative brief.

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What will you gain
from this eBook?

Insense's template for briefing creators, that includes all of the requirements + tips we've collated over the years.

A deep understanding of which team member is responsible for the brief

Best practices for briefing and communicating with creators for efficient collaborations.

How to find and select the right creators + influencers that match your product and brand.

What's inside?

  • Insense's tips on how to find creators and influencers that match your product + brand

  • How to write a brief for influencers and creators - including the structure, platform-specific elements, technical requirements, and more

  • How to build team synergy for a data-driven creative brief

  • Insense's template for briefing creators on Insense

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