These campaigns were done with the unique Insense ads format –
official ads bought on behalf of creators & their content with targeting to new custom audiences across Instagram and Facebook.
Drive subscriptions around
the launch of a new product line

Scentbird had a problem finding good content to run paid ads in a more authentic way. Organic sponsored posts from influencers lacked the targeting and analytics, paid ads lacked the authenticity.

Through Insense, Scentbird used a brand new medium and was able to captivate audiences on a whole new level through paid media buys via an influencers handle instead of their own brand account.

This preserved an organic user experience without sacrificing any analytic or tracking benefits resulting in a highly profitable media investment.

Engage new audience groups and drive sales through Instagram ads hosted by creators
Zip My Dress is a tool designed to help women get dressed without help and needed to inspire action through visually immersive content.

This campaign specifically targeted a niche audience of divorced women aged 40+ to capture their attention and generate response resulting in an influx of traffic and new purchases from the site.

Attract new consumer audiences and online sales.

Made in New York, featured across the world