Collaborate with brands you love
from the comfort of your phone.
INSENSE in collaboration with MICHELE & GROUP
connects you with a meticulously curated community of exceptional brands with ready-to-go budgets for your
photos, videos and Instagram Stories.
We bring you fresh campaigns to promote products and services that will amaze you.
Let your content, not your follower count do the talking.
Timely & Profitable
Set your own fee and get paid within 48hrs.
after submitting your content.
Built for authenticity. Like you, we care about your followers and match brands accordingly.
If you want to get started with paid campaigns, you should know that most Brands require at least 3,000 followers on Instagram. A follower count is how we verify that you're someone who's making content that lots of people enjoy. Once you have that, getting started is easy:

You can download our iOS app in the App store.

Completing your profile will take your chances of being invited for a branded campaign through the roof! Most of the time brands look for specific creators, living in particular city, having particular style of content, etc. Some of their products could be female or male oriented. Even your age can be of high importance for a brand manager! Make sure you don't leave any of these fields empty.

IMPORTANT: In order to be eligible for any campaigns with Insense you have to input Michele & Group's bank info in order to receive payments.

Doesn't it feel great to start the day with a push notification to your mobile saying "Hey, Brand X has invited you to participate in their campaign!"? All your new offers can be found in the 'FEED' section of the App. Read the brief carefully — you'll be referring back to it throughout the campaign.

The brief will include all content creation needs, your post timeline, posting instructions, all the need-to-know nooks and crannies of the new campaign. Be sure you're ready to deliver what they're asking for.

Once you've went through the campaign brief and it gets your gears turning, get to applying!

The application will ask you to enter your desired compensation for the task. Once you submit your bid, brands will consider all applicants for the campaign and you'll hear back.

IMPORTANT: While setting your price keep in mind the Michele & Group cut of 15%. In the end, you are here thanks to them. For example, if you are going to charge $100, set the price at $115 to share the revenue.

Got accepted? Time to flex those creative muscles. Depending on the campaign, a brand might send you a product to use in creating your content. Stick to the timeline stated for each step and create some next-level content for the campaign.

Upload all of the required content to the app and wait for the brand feedback. Once the brand approves your content, you get the green light to post your masterpiece. If you've completed the campaign and satisfied all requirements in the brief, you'll be paid within 48hrs after the brand accepts your post.

Special offer for
Michele & Group community

All the influencers are eligible for Paid Social campaigns. Paid social is an additional part to the original organic sponsored campaign. That happens when a brand pushes content created by you to new audiences who 'look' like your followers across FB & IG via official ads.

EARN MORE: Paid social campaigns are 20% higher paid
GROW YOUR ACCOUNT: Get exposure to a larger audience for free
BECOME A PIONEER: This initiative is run under guidance of Facebook.

We can't wait to work with you!
Let us know below and we'll reach out with more information on how to set up your Insense app for Paid Social campaigns
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Danil Salyukov
CEO at Insense
Here at Insense, we have built a community that celebrates creativity. We believe that authenticity is contagious and our role is to help you pass it on!
Shea Davis Williams
Executive Director at Michele and Group
We at Michele & Group are extremely excited about the launch of our partnership with Insense. We are constantly striving to increase our talent's exposure and revenue stream, and a comprehensive social media platform is the next step to the future! We can't wait to see where we go from here!
Why does Insense use a mobile app?
Our experience working with Brands and Creators have shown that the app makes it easier and more convenient to produce / submit content, complete more gigs and receive more offers, all on the go!
How do I get paid for my campaigns?
Insense and Michele and Group take care of all payments for work completed through the platform. Make sure when you sign up that you choose a payment preference (M&G) & complete your payment info (M&G) so your payments won't be delayed. Payments are issued to MIchele & Group 3 days after the gig is complete (meaning, all the deliverables in the campaign brief have been completed).
Will the brand provide a product sample for the campaign?
Breakfast without good coffee is not breakfast! The same works for an ad. YES! Brands provide all the needed samples, if required for the campaign. The main task for you is to provide a complete and correct delivery address. Don't worry, you'll get everything you need to test and create great content!
Is it safe for my Instagram account to use Insense?
We don't ask for access to your account or any personal data. Entering your nickname (@example) during the authorizaiton process is completely safe. Once you are in you become visible to all the brands!
I can't register. What should I do?
Thank you for your efforts and patience, you'll be part of the Insense community very soon! If there's a problem, e-mail us at and describe it in detail. We will do everything we can to get you in.
I have more questions. Where can I find the answers?
Here is our FAQ section for more information about Insense.

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