Rich, by Coca-Cola
Content creation + Paid amplification
16X higher ER vs. benchmark brand campaign
3.5X lower CPM
7.5X lower CPC
6.5X lower
Run Ads using Creator Handles

Thanks to our unique integration with FB Ads Manager, Insense allows you create paid ads - using all FB's granular targeting and custom parameters - that use the creator's handle.

This is a new and extremely powerful capability for brands, and represents the next evolution in 'influencer' marketing.

The juice Rich.

You feel a good taste right away. New from the brand Rich- 100% juice "Magnificent Granat".

Feel the pleasant sweetness flowing into a light tartness and enjoy the unique taste of the moment with the juice Rich.

The juice of ripe pomegranate fruits, rich in vitamins and antioxidants, has a truly unique taste. Product advantage: 100%, without the addition of sugar.