Save $1,250

Get 3 months of unlimited access to creator campaigns. We'll also give you $200 credit on your account to work with creators on organic posts, content creation and influencer whitelisting.


What is included in the offer?

Launch an unlimited number of creator Facebook, Instagram and TikTok content & ad campaigns, and advertise up to 12 brands.

Advertise through the content creator's social media handle by using the Whitelisting feature from Insense, for more authentic ads.

Access a curated community of 20K creators and get 50+ applications per campaign to choose the best profile match for your project.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager to assist you with your campaign management, creating briefs and achieving your business goals.

Watch a 2 min video on
how the platform works

Maximize your results
with creator content
and whitelisting features

Utilize creator-generated content as your #1 priority for ads creative

Scale UGC production and amplify influential creator content on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Influencer Whitelisting on Facebook and Instagram

Enhance your ad performance by advertising through the voice of authentic creators.

Use Insense to collaborate with TikTokers

Build your TikTok paid presence wisely with tailored creative and TikTok Spark Ads.

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