Who are Thrasio?

Thrasio, the BIGGEST eCommerce Aggregator, wanted to promote their Amazon products from 25+ brands on TikTok during the 2021 Holiday season.

This was a new venture for them, however, they saw the potential of tapping into TikTok's GenZ audience by working with TikTok Creators on Insense.

Amazon and TikTok have a partnership that Amazon sellers can take advantage of - completely revolutionizing cybershopping! You must have seen hashtags like #founditonAmazon right?

Through Insense, Thrasio took advantage of this in order to take their sales to a whole new level. Here's what they did...

The Solution

Short-video Apps, such as TikTok are ideal for merging shopping with entertainment, which has captured the eyes online retailers.

Millennials and GenZ audiences are hyper-engaged when it comes to social media and online shopping. So when Amazon formed this partnership it became a rush for Amazon sellers.

Thrasio jumped at this opportunity and wanted to test how the sales of their Amazon products would boom thanks to the #founditonTikTok trend.

Rapidly sourcing UGC at scale

To achieve their goal, Thrasio needed to source a high volume of UGC from TikTok content creators.

In order to do this, they selected ~100 TikTok creators to work with. They each had more than 5,000 followers, with an average of 10,000 views per video.

Each TikTok creator posted approx. 2 videos each. If the post performed well organically, then they made the quick decision to boost the post through Spark Ads (where it still appears to come from the Creators TikTok handle).

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How can I do this with a small team?

Thrasio's team was in fact small, they had 3 people managing the campaign.

How much did it cost?

Thrasio spent ~$8,000 for ~200 video assets from ~100 TikTok Creators.

Why did Thrasio use TikTok Creators?

When running campaigns on TikTok, it's more effective to use Creators that have an existing presence on TikTok. Why? Because TikTok Creators already have an audience who are engaged with their content.

If you used a Creator who is successful on Instagram but not. TikTok, then the results wouldn't be nearly as effective. The Creator MUST be influential on the platform that you are intending to use.

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