Create User Generated Content that Converts!

Insense is a creative platform that connects a global community of 35k+ creators with brands to generate custom content at scale.
Simplified and Scalable UGC
Fill out 1 of our easy to use creative brief templates.
It takes only about 10 min to complete.
Discover relevant creators through hashtags or params such as followers, location, ER, audience interests, etc.
Chat directly with the creators to negotiate price, review content and provide feedback throughout the process.
Receive your custom mobile first content and utilize our integrated whitelisting feature.
The whole process can take just 5 business days!
Whitelisting content
Through whitelisting you can experience the following benefits:
  • The ability to retarget posts to get the number of impressions you need
  • Influencer Ads yield 3X greater ROAS than brand ads
  • Access analytics on influencer ad performance to measure success and drive ROI
Insense connects your creator's handle and content directly to your ad manager so you can post sponsored ads from their accounts.
Unboxing and Reviews in Exchange for your Product
Insense allows you to run all of your campaigns through barter collabs. Connect with creators who are interested in promoting your brand in exchange for your product.

Through barter collabs you can minimize your spend on content creation and maximize your spend on buying ads.

In addition, Insense can onboard any brand ambassadors or creators that you are currently working with onto our platform, so you can manage everything in one place.
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Insense is a platform that optimizes working with creators on every level. Starting with your brief, all processes are automated and tailored to your brand needs. With our creators, you can receive content for any type of media campaign: vertical videos for paid channels, organic posts on a brand's feed, branded photos for your website or even a pre-roll for YouTube. Let Insense build a portfolio of branded content for your business!