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Types of collaborations

Stock up your
creatives library

Get both the raw footage and fully-edited ads, as well as extra B-rolls for creative testing.

Grow influencer

Chat with the creators and influencers to build long-term collaborations (brand ambassadors).

Manage + track campaign performance

Use your centralized dashboard to manage + track each campaign (for singe or multiple brands).

Get fully-edited content plus raw footage files + B-rolls for creative testing.

Create any content type from testimonials through to product demos and photos.

Plug-in the assets across all your marketing channels (email, website, etc).

Get the perfect match

Insense pairs you with vetted UGC creators and micro-influencers that match your brand identity and resonate with your audience. The team moderate all collaborations to ensure the timely delivery of high-quality assets so you can relax.

Types of collaborations

Types of collaborations:

  • UGC - Source UGC assets to use on your brand's social media pages, website, email marketing and more.

  • Influencer posting -  Get influencers to post on their Instagram, Facebook or TikTok feeds in exchange for:

    • monetary payment (agreed price)
    • product seeding (in exchange for a product)
    • affiliate partnership (commission per sale)
    • brand ambassadorship (agreement for a long-term commitment)
  • Whitelisted Ads - Partner with influencers for whitelisting on Meta and TikTok Spark Ads.

End-to-end campaign management

Effortlessly manage your campaigns from matching with micro-influencers through to performance tracking. If you want to work with the same influencers again, with 1-click you can add them to a new campaign - it's never been easier.

We'll match you with creators that fit your campaign + brand identity

  • Access to 20,000+ creators in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, and more.

  • A wide, diverse range of TikTok, Instagram and UGC creators.

  • Easily choose your ideal creator profile with our filters. Filter by; categories, language, age, price, location, followers, and so on.

  • View the portfolios and ratings of creators.

  • Invite your creators to our platform.

Creator Marketplace

Launch a creative brief in minutes

Fill out our interactive brief

  • Our brief provides clear instructions to creators for smooth-sailing collaborations.

  • Fill out the brief in minutes thanks to the interactive flow.

  • You are navigated through the brief which automatically adapts with your selections.

  • Eliminate time lost on revisions.

Create a Brief

Easily communicate with creators in one place

  • Chat with all the creators that you've hired in one place.

  • Receive your deliverables directly through the chat.

  • Clearly see the status of the collaboration from the chat display.

  • Set up whitelisted ads on Facebook and Instagram, and TikTok Spark Ad collaborations through the chat feature.

  • Manage your campaign from end-to-end and easily make payments.

Direct Chat

Easily manage all of your campaigns

See important statuses for each campaign in one place.

  • Track your budget and results.

  • Launch thousands of campaigns for different social channels.

  • Add your colleagues to the platform to work as a team.

  • Track product shipments to creators.

  • Add a rating to creators on the platform after your collaboration.

  • Keep a history of all delivered UGC images and videos.

Launch an unlimited amount of campaigns

Straightforward administrative operations

Automated licenses, payments, and agreements.

  • Pay creators automatically through our billing system.

  • All legalities are taken care of: agreements, payments, and copyrights.

Maximize ad performance with Creator Licensing

Run ads from the creator's handles on Facebook and Instagram (whitelisted ads).

  • Easy, integrated process to run ads from the creator's handle.

  • Streamlined process for obtaining ad permissions.

  • Creator Licensing has seen brands achieve 3x ROAS.

  • Accelerate customer engagement and conversion rates.

Creator Licensing

Increase ROI with TikTok Spark Ads

Drive higher CTRs and views on TikTok.

  • Spark Ads blend into the organic feed for a native in-feed appearance.

  • Boost organically performing UGC videos from the creator's page to reach a bigger audience.

  • Get diverse data on paid clicks, music clicks, paid likes, paid shares, paid followers + paid profile visits.

TikTok Sparks

Why Insense?

3 steps to success:

Create a brief

Fill out the interactive brief templates in a few minutes.

Get matched to the right creators

We will match you to the perfect creator profiles that fit with your brand and campaign goal.

Get results

Receive content from your creators directly through the chat. Request revisions or click approve.

Insense Platform

We have a diverse range of creators:


Beauty & Care, Lifestyle, Supplements, Health & Wellness, Consumer Goods, Food, Fashion and more


Diverse age groups from families with toddlers through to teenagers and mature creators (50+).


English-speaking creators as well as native speakers in Spanish, German, French and more


Put creator profiles you like and the platform will automatically match you to the similar profiles


Use tags that make the search easier: ethnicity, hair type, body type, pets, kids, etc.


US, Canada, UK, Germany and Australia

Creators- InsenseCreators Insense

Choose from self service or managed service

We have plans for different goals, budgets, and teams. Book a 15-min demo and we'll find the best plan for you.

Self Service
Self Service
Choose the self service plan that best suits your goals; from souring just UGC assets through to influencer posting and whitelisting campaigns.

Starting from

Managed Service
Managed Service
Sit back and relax while we hand-pick top-tier creators, source the UGC and deliver up to 18 post-produced ad creatives in 14 days.

Starting from


creator costs included