Frequently Asked Questions

What is Insense?

Insense is a creative platform that helps brands to get custom creative assets, and to run social marketing campaigns at scale.

With Insense, advertisers can source creators who are a good match for their brand or message, whether it's a broad category, or a more niche interest. Creators on Insense are all verified by our moderation team, ensuring that their accounts and followers are real, and that they are safe for brands to work with.

Insense streamlines the process of finding these creators, streamlines the process of briefing at scale, and streamlines each step, through payment processing and results tracking.

Insense integrates directly into Facebook Ads Manager and Snapchat Ads, which allows brands to run targeted, paid ads using creator handle to any audiences, with full reporting and analytics.

What expenses will I have?

What types of expenses will I have when using the platform?
There are two cost components to using Insense:
1) First, there is a month-to-month subscription. This allows you to access and use the platform and can be canceled at any time.
2) Second, is "topping up" your balance, which is setting up a balance that you can use towards creator/content payments. Content that is produced through Insense is subject to a fee.
Learn more about our pricing plans here.

How can I cancel my subscription?
To cancel your subscription, please email us at: or send us a chat message. Access to your existing subscription functionality will be closed by the end of your billing cycle.

What payment methods are supported?
We support 2 methods:
1) Payment by credit card
2) Payment by invoice
Both methods are available for all subscription plans. Payment by invoice is subject to a 3-month minimum contract (there is no minimum with payments by credit card). To set up payment by invoice, please write us at or drop us a chat message.

What if I spend less money than I deposit on the balance?
When topping up a balance, you should consider the total budget for creators with whom you plan to collaborate with on your campaigns. If after onboarding a sufficient number of creators, there is money left on your balance, you can use that balance for future campaigns. If you do not plan to launch additional campaigns on Insense, we will refund the balance upon your request made to according to Refund Policy


How do I check up on the audience of creators?
After a creator is registered on Insense, the system automatically collects information on the number of followers, average number of likes and video views, on the basis of which the engagement rate (ER) and the cost of likes or comments (CPE) are calculated. The higher the engagement, the better and more active the creator's audience and the cheaper the like or comment.

At the same time, during registration using a special algorithm, the audience is analyzed by geo, gender, age and interests. This data is displayed in the form of charts on the advertiser's interface and are available for viewing when a creator responds or when searching for creators with the "Premium" or "Premium Plus" subscription plans included.

How are creator prices devised?
Creators set an "average price" when setting up their Insense account. This is a general guideline for the pricing that the creator may charge for a campaign.

Once a creator receives your brief, and opts in to your campaign, they will submit a price that is specific to your campaign. Advertisers and creators are welcome to (and encouraged to) negotiate on pricing.

Payments to creators

What is a deal?
A deal is a mutual collaboration between an advertiser and a creator on the Insense platform, which results in the creation of branded content for publication on social networks or use in accordance with the needs of an advertiser.

How are creators paid?
Insense handles all elements of creators payouts, so you don't need to worry about it. To pay creators for their work on your campaign(s), you will add a balance to your Insense account by "topping up." You are only able to onboard creators if you have a sufficient balance on your account to cover the content costs; this ensures that you only pay for content which is within your budget.

Insense charges a 15%/20% fee on content produced through the platform; these costs cover our administration and labor costs, and offset the transaction fees we pay to process creator payments.

Once you approve a creator's content submission for your campaign, and click the "Finish deal" button, Insense will release payment to the creator from the balance you have loaded onto your account.

Can I pay a creator with my product?
Yes, you compensate creators by providing them with products or services, or include these as part of your compensation. For campaigns that compensate creators with product, you will only have to pay your monthly subscription. For campaigns that compensate with product, you need to indicate in your brief (in the "what should creators do" section) that this is a barter deal campaign, and then discuss this in the chat with each responding creator to ensure they receive the product in question.

Brief and applications from creators

What do I need to do to get applications from creators?
To receive applications, you need to select and active a subscription plan, fill in a brief and send it for review. After review and approval, your brief will go to creators via the Insense mobile app, after which creators can decide to submit a bid to you. On your campaign page, you can see all responses to your brief, examine the details and stats of the creator cards and decide which of them you want to work with.

My brief is under review - what does this mean?
After filling out a brief and submitting it, it goes to the Insense team for review. We review each brief to ensure it has the appropriate information needed for creators to produce the exact content you need. If we have any recommendations about your brief, we'll send you a note or get in touch. Either way, your brief will go out quickly, and you'll receive an email confirmation when it's sent.

What happens after brief review?
After review and approval, briefs are sent to creators who match the parameters you entered in your brief for creators, or to creators that you specifically selected through the Insense "Browse creators" tool ("Browse creators" is available only on the "Premium" and "Premium Plus" subscription plans). Creators receive notifications, view your brief through the Insense mobile app, and decide on participation. On average, during the first 3 days you will receive a sufficient number of applications, with the first answers appearing within 2-3 hours after sending a brief.