Find your brand advocates with Product Seeding

Find your brand advocates

Source authentic UGC at $0

organic buzz

Find your brand advocates

Easily send your products to influencers and get honest reviews or posts in exchange.

Upscale paid social with creators

How product seeding can grow your brand

Product seeding - sending free products to creators with the aim of building relationships and receiving honest product reviews.

Source authentic
content at $0

Receive UGC assets to use across your marketing channels, enhancing your brand's credibility and trustworthiness.

Discover influencers who love your product

Identify your genuine fans and build long-term relationships for future influencer marketing collaborations.

Generate buzz and grow brand awareness

Engage creators who resonate with your brand, fostering organic buzz and discussions about your products.

How Solawave discovered 200+ influencers who love their products in just 1 month

Solawave sought authentic creators for product-exchange content. Using Insense, one marketer managed all the campaigns to fill their content library with fresh creatives for use across all their marketing channels.

244 applicants

Received 244 applications from micro-influencers interested in working with the brand.

85% activation rate

Discovered 200+ UGC creators and received content back from at least 85% of the creators they hired.

180 UGC assets at $0

The brand built a content library that they could repurpose across their social media and other marketing channels.

How GoPure scaled their UGC production with product seeding

Using Insense, skincare brand GoPure consistently produced engaging content and identified long-term influencer partners with just one marketer.

525 applicants

Attracted 525 micro-influencers who applied for their product seeding campaigns.

170 influencer collaborations

From the influencers that applied, they chose the ones who resonated the most with their product and brand identity.

150 product reviews videos

The brand asked for 20-sec authentic product review videos and received a library of content to use across their marketing channels.

How WaveBlock boosted their Instagram with reviews

WaveBlock used Insense to partner with TikTok and Instagram creators for quality content, boosting their online store traffic. After repurposing the UGC on their Instagram, it became one of their main acquisition channels.

One marketer

One Influencer Manager was able to run multiple gifting campaigns with the turnaround time of 2 weeks for the assets and posts.

60 influencer collaborations

From 525 applicants, they chose influencers who resonated best with their brand and partnered with them to post on their socials.

300+ product testimonials

Generated 300+ authentic UGC assets for TikTok and Instagram.

Why use Insense for product seeding campaigns?

Match with influencers in 2 days, no outreach needed

Find influencers eager to exchange your product for content or posts via the Creator Marketplace, or connect with them after launching a product seeding campaign in the Creative Brief.

a woman holding a jar of product in front of her face - Match with influencers in 2 days - Girl showing a product and insense platform features
a screenshot of a conversation between two women -Direct chat UI - Insense platform

Ship products and streamline communication

Download creator shipping information in bulk to save time. Engage with influencers via Insense's Direct Chat, ensuring clarity on campaign specifics and outcomes.

Achieve a 50%+ activation rate with influencers sharing content and posts

Access content from influencers directly in the chat, both photos and/or videos. Easily download fully licensed content for ads. Monitor influencer posts on their socials for reach and engagement metrics.

a woman holding three bottles of skin care products
Campaign Management - Insense Platform

Identify genuine fans and build long-term relationships

After your campaign, identify influencers who truly love your products. Create a list of your favorite influencers and easily start a new collaboration. Establish lasting relationships for ongoing collaborations and brand advocacy.

What our clients say

“Creating and managing product gifting campaigns is so easy on Insense, with less time prospecting we have more time for relationship building with influencers and creators”
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Unlock winning strategies with product seeding campaigns

Secure your chance to receive expert advice and tailored strategies from our team about product seeding during your demo with Insense.