Drive conversions with the custom content creators on Instagram

Combine the power of unique content with the targeted paid media support

Easy setup • No credit card required

Generate Custom Content at Scale and Run Ads Using Creator Produced Content

How the INSENSE platform works

Send your brief to 35K creators with one click

Select creators categories that align with your target audience and brand identity

Review offers from creators who opt in to your campaign

Compare creators content quality to find those who are right for your campaign. Select only the creators you like from those who’ve accepted your brief

Launch your campaign on Instagram

Seamlessly send this content to your Facebook Ads Manager and launch official ads in Instagram on behalf of the creator, using their custom for you content

A new, impactful approach to generate video content

Use Insense in-house, at a fraction of the cost + time of a production studio or 3rd party creative agency.

Generate Video (short & long form), Vertical Videos & Instagram Stories, Static Images or Boomerangs. You name it, creators create it. All content is custom, produced per your brand guidelines, and quickly.

Match the look and feel of an existing theme or grant creative freedom to capture a new way of telling a compelling story.

Branded creatives can be used for any purpose. Full usage rights are included, in perpetuity. Advertisers may use content in social, display, any form of digital, print or even a billboard.

Amplify through paid media

With Insense you can integrate the creator’s Instagram account with your Facebook Ads Manager and get official ad campaign with creator handle and content

Define your target audience

Track ROI in FB Ads Manager

Unlimited visibility & reach

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