Effortlessly Scale Your Creator and UGC Operations

Our Managed Service goes beyond software to become an extension of your marketing team. From managing creators and influencer campaigns to producing UGC, all customized to fit your budget and goals.

Upscale paid social with creators

Trusted by 120+ brands and agencies


Influencer and UGC campaigns complete


Creators hired


UGC videos produced

Managed Service is more than just an Agency

Seamless extension of your marketing team that helps you reach your marketing goals

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Take the Load Off Team with Daily Creator Tasks

Focus your marketing team on core business goals while our team handles all daily operational tasks related to creators and streamlines influencer and UGC campaigns for you.

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Improve Your Creator Strategy’s ROI

Get influencer and creative strategy support tailored to your needs—from receiving fresh UGC concepts for creative testing to launching new influencer strategies for increasing influencer channel performance

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Scale on Demand with Budget-Friendly Pricing

Tailor the level of support to precisely when and where you need it most. This mix-and-match approach allowing you grow strategically and scale in the most efficient and affordable way possible. 

Our Services

Tailored solutions that align with your marketing team’s goals, capacity and budget—from getting UGC videos at scale for creative testing to managing your campaigns and editing creatives for paid social

Dedicated platform manager

Scale your influencer and UGC campaigns with our dedicated platform manager, seamlessly integrated into your team, who oversees campaign launches, manages creator operations from shortlisting to product shipment, and ensures timely collection and reporting of final deliverables.

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Ready to go UGC videos

End-to-end UGC service where our team handles everything from creative research and concept development to content production. Receive ready-to-launch UGC video ads for Meta and TikTok, set for immediate creative testing.

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Transform your raw creator content into high-performing UGC ad creatives optimized for Meta and TikTok Ads

Creative Concepts

Get fresh UGC ads concepts for paid social, complete with shot specifications, hook variations, talking points, and CTAs

Influencer Scouting

Find influencer profiles you need, from global locations to niche categories, vetted and onboarded to your campaigns

Bones Coffee Boosts Ad Performance with Continuous Flow of UGC Ads

The Bones Coffee marketing team purchased the Ready-to-Go UGC service which includes creative strategy and creator management. This allowed them to concentrate on running their business while Insense handled the production of ad creatives for them.

Rapid UGC Scaling

Generated 54 high-quality UGC videos within three months, enabling swift creative testing and a robust content library

2.16 ROAS

2.16 ROAS achieved in the initial content campaign

21% CTR

Their ads ranked in the top 23% of their industry with a 21% CTR

Titan network saved 60+ hours per month with  SaaS + Dedicated platform management

Insense owned the creator management process: sourcing creators in various niches and shortlisting, communication, campaign management and delivery of final assets.

15 campaigns

Launched 15 campaigns for three brands across different niches

32 creators

Hired 32 creators from niches: nursing, cars, kids & parents, outdoors, and luxury

640 clips and 90 assets

Received 640 short slips, resulting in 90 assets edited by Insense’s post-production team

Opopop  saved money and boost conversions with Post-Production Managed Service

Insense’s expert post production team took the raw UGC, created by the creators that Opopop had partnered with, and transformed it into ready-to-use content for ads at an average cost of just $20 per video and a turnaround time of just one week.

17 ready-to-use videos

17 ready-to-use videos generated 14+ million impressions and 11,000+ conversions

2x CTR

Doubled click through rates (CTRs)

Saved ~2hrs per video

Saved valuable time with Insense managing the briefing + post-production

Let us manage the ad creative production for you!