• ✓ 20 deals per month (including barter deals)
  • ✓ List Offer
  • ✓ 30% transaction fee
  • ✓ 7-day money-back guarantee
payment per month
  • ✓ 40 deals per month (including barter deals)
  • ✓ List Offer
  • ✓ Creator + paid social
  • ✓ 15% transaction fee
  • ✓ 14-day money-back guarantee
custom plans
  • ✓ No limits on deals per month
  • ✓ List Offer + Browse Creators
  • ✓ Creator + paid social
  • ✓ Creatives Approval Tool
  • ✓ Dedicated Client Success Manager
  • ✓ 15% transaction fee
  • ✓ 14-day money-back guarantee
14-day money-back guarantee
If, within 14 days, too few creators have responded or the quality doesn't match your needs, we will refund your money.
List Offer
List Offer allows you to present your offer to influential creators. Select by category, audience demographics, tags, etc.
Paid Social
Buy official ads across Facebook and Instagram using your brand account, or boosted via creator's accounts.
Browse Creators
Search and review influential creators before sending them an offer.
Personal Success Manager
Your Personal Success Manager will help you launch your campaign and help you work with the platform, ensuring your experience is excellent.
Barter deals
You can compensate creators with your product or service, in exchange for the creator for creating and/or publishing content.
Deals per month
The number of creators you can work with to produce content per month.
Creatives Approval Tool
Co-ordinate creative much quicker with brands or agencies. Create media plans and approve creative, all without revealing that you are working on the Insense platform.
Manage payments to creators
15% transaction fee on top of content production cost.
Frequently Asked Questions
Based on the most common need-to-know stuff
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards. Invoiced payments are also possible. To set up invoice payments, please email us at: or pop us a chat message.
How can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription plan?
Simply select a new plan on the subscription page and your account will automatically be transferred over. If the new plan is more expensive, you will be charged the total amount owing at the beginning of the next payment period.
What is the payment transaction fee?
Insense processes all payments to individual creators to save you time. The transaction fee allows us to provide this convenience to you. When you launch a campaign, we'll bill you with the total campaign budget plus the transaction fee according to the subscription plan you have.
How can I cancel my subscription?
To cancel your subscription, please email us at: or send us a chat message. Access to your existing subscription functionality will be closed by the end of your billing cycle.