Increase your ad performance with influencer whitelisting

Leverage the authenticity of influencers to boost conversions and maximize your ad impact through influencer-powered ads

Upscale paid social with creators

Unlock high performance with partnership ads on Meta

Partnership Ads  (also known as "Creator Licensing" or "Whitelisting") allows you to run ads behind Influencer accounts, boosting social proof and increasing ROAS.

Increase Social Proof

Integrate ads seamlessly into your audience's feed as natural posts, harnessing social proof for amplified engagement and impact.

Boost ROAS and CRs

Easily target audiences that may be interested in your product through the influencer's ad account to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Connect Seamlessly

Securely connect to an influencer's account without technical issues with our new Meta API

Hollywood Hair Bar increased conversions by 5%

To increase sales, they to sourced high-quality user-generated content (UGC), from specific creators and influencers that matched their target audience, for Partnership Ads (previous Creator Licensing), paid ads, and organic posting.

3%+ CTR

Partnership ads increased conversions by 5% & click-through rates by 3%

$39 per asset

Each video asset had an average cost of ~$39

91 Influencers

Worked with ~91 Instagram influencers that perfectly matched their brand

Opopop generated 700+ Facebook attributed sales through UGC + Partnership Ads

Opopop ran 5 Partnership Ads (previous whitelisted ads) per month for consistent brand awareness. To boost brand awareness even further, the influencers were asked for organic posting in parallel with the Partnership Ads. On average, their Partnership Ads were $200 per collaboration and generated 700+ purchases and insights for scaling their next campaigns.

5 partnership ads

Ran 5 partnership ads for social proof in one month

$200 per collab

On average, their partnership ads were $200 per collaboration

2.11% CTR

Achieved a CTR of 2.11%

Restore Patch achieved a 7% CTR on their new product launch through Partnership ads

Through Insense, the brand was matched with influencers that perfectly fit their ideal influencer profile. Their campaign proved to be very successful, not only did they see results in brand awareness, but they also had an impressive CTR of 7% on Instagram

8 partnership ads

Ran 8 partnership ads for social proof

$85 per assets

They paid an average of $85 per creative asset

7% CTR

Their first partnership ads campaign had a $0.74 CPC and a 7% CTR

Match with influencers open to partnership ad connections

Get matched only with influencers who are open to running partnership ads with your brand and get them to apply for you using our creative brief.

a screen shot of a social connection - Insense platform
Insense Platform - Direct chat - Automatically connect directly to influencers' Instagram or Faceboo

Easily connect to influencer's Instagram or Facebook accounts

Automatically connect directly to influencers' Instagram or Facebook through our direct chat on the Insense platform without any concerns about technical issues or ad accounts being blocked or restricted by Meta.

Connect to any number of influencers

Connect to any number of influencer ad handles at the same time. You can get an unlimited number of connections with our licence add-ons.

a woman sitting on a blanket looking at her cell phone - Insense influencer data
a girl in a white dress holding a book In an phone frame

Showcase your brand even more

On every ad, besides the creator’s handle and the usual “sponsored” text, the name of your brand will also be displayed.

Unleash the potential of partnership ads with a demo call!

One of our experts will show you how to incorporate partnership ads through Insense into your marketing strategy.