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Creator payments made easy

All legalities are fully covered: agreements, payments, and copyrights

Trusted by 1,500+ DTC, Amazon brands and growth agencies

Straightforward legal agreements

You don't need to create and sign hundreds of agreements with every creator. The brief serves as a legal contract between the brand and the creator. When a creator applies to your brief they are automatically agreeing to the terms and conditions of the campaign.

Straightforward legal agreements
Receive full digital copyrights

Receive full digital
usage right

You will receive full digital usage rights to any content that you commission on Insense. You can reuse any content you receive for future ads, website content, or as you see fit.

Automate creator payments

Through our billing system, we automate creator payments with secure, international, and seamless transactions. Not only does this help brands but it ensures all creators get paid for their delivered content.

Our payment system also takes care of tax requirements to support creators and contribute to the creator economy.

With Insense you pay creators using the balance on your account. Before hiring creators you must have enough balance to do so, however, the money is only released to the creator once you have approved the delivered content - then they receive it instantly.

Automate creator payments