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Interact with all creators in one space

1 team member can communicate with up to 50+ creators.

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Easily work with creators

Communicate directly with creators through our platform's chat function. In the chat, you can negotiate pricing, provide feedback and get all of your content delivered.

Chat with creators
Chat with creators efforlessly

Chat with creators effortlessly

You can easily manage all your conversations with creators on the chat by sorting:

  • Delivery status;

  • Read or unread messages;

  • Favorite creators.

Save all information in one chat

Manage all the creators and the campaign details in the same place, such as:

  • Creator-related information: metrics, link to profile;

  • Link to the brief;

  • Important notes;

  • Link to ads manager in the case of whitelisted ads.

Save all information in one chat
Get notified about updates and results

Get notified about updates and results

Receive email notifications whenever a creator sends you updates about your campaign or results.