Refund Policy

Subscription Payment

When you sign up as an advertiser on Insense and choose a plan, you agree to pay and take responsibility for all expenses stipulated by your plan and these rules.
By choosing a plan with a monthly subscription and providing your payment information, you agree that a specified amount of money will be automatically charged to the bank card on file every month to pay for access to the platform's paid functionality, and you agree that the charged funds are not subject to return, because in this way you paid for intangible and non-refundable services. Insense follows the principle of fairness, therefore no exceptions are provided.
The day of renewal of the subscription (automatic charge of funds) coincides with the day of the month in which you subscribed to the plan.

Cancel Subscription

As an advertiser, you have the right to access the Platform and use the Services for the entire period for which you paid. You can also cancel the renewal at any time before the end of the next paid period, no later than 24 hours before the next renewal date for your subscription. To cancel, write to us at [email protected] or chat us no later than 24 hours before your next renewal date. Access to the site's functionality will be stopped at the end of the paid period.
Automatic Charge Errors

If Insense can't automatically charge the funds to the bank card you provided for a monthly subscription, then Insense will make another 3 attempts to debit every 3 days. During this period, you can update your billing information. If, after this period, your payment information is still not successfully updated, we will block access to the paid functionality of the Platform for your account. Access to paid functionality will be renewed only after valid payment information has been received and a successful automatic charge has been made.
Money-Back Guarantee (only for accounts whose balances were topped up via bank cards)

If within 7/14* days, none of the Influencers who applied to your brief suit your campaign for objective reasons, Insense's managers will offer you several solutions to ensure your campaign's success.
Objective reasons include:
– The creators' prices are too high for your campaign's budget;
– The Influencers' audience engagement rates for their content are too low compared to the Influencers' audience engagement rates with whom you've worked previously;
– The style of Influencers' content is not suitable for your brand;
and etc.

If none of the proposed solutions resulted in positive increases for your campaign, Insense will refund you the money deposited via your bank card to your balance on the Platform intended to pay for the Influencers' content. However, the Insense fee (15% / 30%), which was also charged to your bank card at the time of topping up your balance, will not be refunded, as it is used to cover transaction and administrative costs for the Platform. Within 7-10 business days from the time an Insense manager confirms your refund, the amount used to top up your balance on the Platform will be credited to your bank card.

The Money-Back Guarantee does not apply to advertiser accounts in whose campaigns Insense's managers have identified instances in which the advertisers seek to continue pursuing a deal with a creator or creators outside the Platform.

*The number of days depends on the chosen plan.
**The fee amount depends on the chosen plan.