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Who says briefing has to be complicated?

Achieve your campaign goals with our easy interactive brief. Designed for marketers.

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Brief Creators Effortlessly

Get matched with experienced creators for high-quality content.

Intuitive briefing

Go through all your key requirements in a breeze, get better results and minimize edits.
In the brief you can select:

  • Campaign format: type, objective, platform, price range per campaign, type of influencer partnership;

  • Product details: photo, USPs, description, delivery;

  • Creator requirements: location, category, gender, age, ethnicity, followers, ER, screening question;

  • Creative assets requirements: media type, content type and so on.

Intuitive briefing

Ready-to-use options

You don't need to be an ad creative expert to use our platform. Everything a well-made brief should include will conveniently appear by default on the brief.

To customize your UGC campaigns, select:

  • Video type: raw footage, ready-to-use ad or both.

  • Content type: testimonial, unboxing, product demo, product review, how-to, custom;

You will also find helpful hints and examples in every stage of the brief.

Ready-to-use options

Interactive features

Our brief is intuitive, user-friendly, and quick. It has a simplified flow process design with clear options to select from in every step.

  • We included pre-made choices that can guide you through every step of the brief.

  • We added helpful hints on each point to facilitate the briefing process and help you launch your campaign faster.

Interactive features

Ask a screening question

Every detail of the brief has been designed to optimize the campaign's launch process. For this, we added features that allow you to:

  • Ask a screening question to creators to make sure they are the right fit;

  • Choose from a curated selection of creators;

  • Add reference content;

  • Attach ideal creator lookalikes for your campaign.

Ask a screening question
Intuitive briefingReady-to-use optionsInteractive featuresAsk a screening question

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intuitive briefing

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