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Optimize your campaign management with everything in one place

Manage each creator + influencer marketing campaign and check the collaboration progress in your campaign dashboard.

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Launch an unlimited amount of campaigns

Enjoy our streamlined process where you can launch an unlimited amount of campaigns at once. We've also simplified the process of working with hundreds of content creators simultaneously for smooth-running collaborations.

Launch an unlimited amount of campaigns
A centralized campaign dashboard

A centralized campaign dashboard

Once your brief is launched, we will match the right creators and influencers to your campaign. Our campaign dashboard simplifies the management process to make working with creators and influencers that much easier. It includes:

  • A list of creators that matched your campaign requirements and hire status;

  • Delivered content and archived campaigns;

  • Progress status of creators hired for the campaign;

  • Additional options such as duplicate campaign brief and manually adding more creators.

Invite your team

Easily invite your teammates to boost your efforts. Plan work on UGC campaigns together to get results at scale.

Invite your team

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