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Use Insense for

Just Content

Just Content

Produce authentic UGC ad creatives for your paid social channels.

Organic Posting

Organic Posting

Work with creators to post content to their audience for organic reach and conversions.

Creator Adas

Creator Ads

Run ads from creator's handles (whitelisted ads) on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Product Seeding Icon

Product seeding

Find influencers who like your product and get honest reviews or posts in exchange.

Success Stories

How Solawave discovered 200+ influencers who love their products in just 1 month

Solawave sought authentic creators for product-exchange content. Using Insense, one marketer managed all the campaigns to fill their content library with fresh creatives for use across all their marketing channels.

244 applicants

Received 244 applications from micro-influencers interested in working with the brand.

85% activation rate

Discovered 200+ UGC creators and received content back from at least 85% of the creators they hired.

180 UGC assets at $0

The brand built a content library that they could repurpose across their social media and other marketing channels.

How Particle reduced whitelisting costs by 42%

Particle for Men needed an affordable platform with an integrated whitelisting process and a centralised dashboard to streamline their influencer discovery and campaign management.

Saved $435 per month

They switched from an alternative platform to Insense, reducing their whitelisting costs by 42%.

2-week turnaround time

Discovered 21 perfect creators in one month and received content within 2 weeks.

1.3-2x ROAS

Ran 11 whitelisted ads in one month that achieved a 1.3-2x ROAS.

How Wonderskin increased ROAS by 46% with TikTok Shopping Ads

Wonderskin were one of the first brands to test TikTok’s Shopping Ads feature. The goal was to promote their best-selling lip stains and build brand awareness on TikTok.

21% higher completion rate

Through TikTok Shopping Ads, they saw a 21% higher purchase completion rate.

TikTok Shopping Ads

Wonderskin tested TikTok’s new feature which included Product Cards and an in-app product landing page for users to make direct purchases.

46% higher ROAS

Through TikTok Ads Manager, they targeted just beauty and make up fanatics which boosted their sales and increased ROAS by 46%.

End-to-end campaign management

Effortlessly manage your campaigns from matching with micro-influencers through to performance tracking. If you want to work with the same influencers again, with 1-click you can add them to a new campaign - it's never been easier.

Get matched with UGC creators and micro-influencers that align with your brand identity

  • Access to 20,000+ vetted UGC creators and micro-influencers in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, and more, speaking various languages.

  • A wide, diverse range of TikTok, Instagram and UGC creators.

  • Easily choose your ideal creator profile with our filters. Filter by; categories, language, age, price, location, followers, and so on.

  • View the portfolios and ratings of creators unlike other ugc platforms.

  • Invite your creators to our platform.

Creator Marketplace

Launch a creative brief in minutes

Fill out our interactive brief

  • Our brief provides clear instructions to creators for smooth-sailing collaborations.

  • Fill out the brief in minutes thanks to the interactive flow.

  • You are navigated through the brief which automatically adapts with your selections.

  • Eliminate time lost on revisions.

Create a Brief

How to contact influencers? Easily communicate with creators in one place through our chat feature

  • Chat with all the creators that you've hired in one place.

  • Receive your deliverables directly through the chat.

  • Clearly see the status of the collaboration from the chat display.

  • Set up whitelisted ads on Meta and TikTok Spark Ad collaborations through the chat feature.

  • Manage your campaign from end-to-end and easily make payments.

Direct Chat

Easily manage all of your campaigns using our influencer marketing software

See important statuses for each campaign in one place.

  • Track your budget and results.

  • Launch thousands of campaigns for different social channels.

  • Add your colleagues to the platform to work as a team.

  • Track product shipments to creators.

  • Add a rating to creators on the platform after your collaboration.

  • Keep a history of all delivered UGC images and videos.

Launch an unlimited amount of campaigns

Straightforward administrative operations

Use our influencer management tool to automate licenses, payments, and agreements.

  • Pay influencers automatically through our billing system.

  • All legalities are taken care of: agreements, payments, and copyrights.

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