Registration and set up

If you're interested in partnering with Brands
here's how you can set your profile at Insense.
How can I sign up for Insense?
Dmitry from Insense
It's very simple! Follow our tips in the app! Enter your nickname @example, click "Confirm" and wait for the authorization code to arrive to your direct messages on Instagram. Received it? Great! Enter it and move on to fill in all the required fields. Your personal account is ready! Mind you, it's not necessary to enter the password for your Instagram account. Everything is honest and open!
What information will Insense be able to access when I connect my social accounts?
Dmitry from Insense:
Linking your account just enables us to see basic info like your follower count, average likes, and username. This is also how we check to be sure that you own the account you're linking and that you've posted for a campaign. We'll never post, Like, or Comment on your behalf. For more details on how we use your information check out our Privacy Policy
I don't see an authorization code in my Direct messages on Instagram.
Dmitry from Insense
Sometimes Instagram locates this type of messages to the "requests" section. Check it out and in case it's not there, drop us a line at: [email protected]
How many categories can I choose?
Dmitry from Insense
We believe that you're talented in different areas ... but kindly ask you to choose up to three categories in which you are particularly successful!
I have several accounts. What should I do?
Dmitry from Insense
Perfect! You can add all your accounts with 5k or more followers and use all of them with our app. Visit the profile section and press "+" to add them all. Insense unites!