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Why work with Insense?
Insense connects you with a meticulously curated community
of brands with ready-to-go budgets for your creative.
The Insense team (along with our proprietary technology) work together to match brands with precisely the right creators for a given project.
We focus on incredible content and let you earn from your creativity
Targeted collaborations
Insense works with creators of different types and provides them with an opportunity to develop
their creative skills
Creators get paid 20% more
on average for video
Do you make high quality long form video? Or vertical video? Or just good, compelling, fun video of any type? Or may be you are very good in video optimization and motion graphic?

If so, Insense is the place to get paid from your content. Our clients LOVE video content, especially mobile focused video, because it delivers higher engagement and leads to better business results. If you produce high quality video and can make it for brands, we'd love to start sending some of these opportunities your way!

Get featured as a professional video creator on Insense.
We don't call them creators for nothing

Over 35K creators are already on board with Insense.
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What do you need to become an Insense creator?
Thousands of followers is great, but it's actually not the most important point for us. Our advertisers are looking for cool custom content - so your creative skills are more important than follower count.
If you're good at mobile video, gifs, video editing, short funny videos, motion graphics or high quality photos, then we'd love to have you on board.
If passion and creativity are an everyday mindset for you, and you're looking to keep growing and developing new skills to produce branded content, you should get on board.
If you want your portfolio of branded or non branded content to get visibility, we'd love to feature you on Insense.
All our creators vetted by Insense managers. We check categories of content, location and portfolio to match you up with the most relevant campaigns.
Working with Insense is efficient and straightforward
Our app is built around creator input, and designed for maximum ease of use - so you can focus on content creation.
Sign up and moderation
After signing up your account is moderated by Insense managers and made visible to brands.
Get an offer
from a Brand
Our algorithm takes your personal style and interests into account to match you with the best brands for you.
Create a content
Brands on Insense want your creativity! You'll get detailed briefs, but still have the ability to flex your creative muscle and produce content that you are proud of.

Get paid
As soon as your content is approved, you get paid. Payment is transferred directly to you, via Paypal or bank transfer - your choice.
Receive a push notification every time a new offer arrives. Download Insense App for iOS right now!
Let us know if you have any feedback or questions.
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