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Save 40+ hours on influencer sourcing and campaign management

From briefing to automated agreements and content usage rights, from UGC to TikTok Shop and Meta Partnership ads - all easily managed by 1 marketer.
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Trusted by 1,700+ DTC brands and agencies

Insense makes it easy for you to:

Automate admin processes

Enjoy automated influencer agreements, payments, and digital content usage rights.

Fuel your marketing funnel

Launch a mix of campaign types to reach customers at every stage of their buying journey.

Scale UGC for organic and paid social

Source authentic content for your social media and Meta/TikTok ads within just 10 days.

No outreach: Find creators within 2 days

20K+ vetted UGC creators and influencers

10+ Countries

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30+ Industries

Beauty & Care
Food & Drink
Sports & Fitness
Kids & Parenting
Health & Wellness
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Run various influencer collabs

Simultaneously launch diverse campaign types to maximize brand impact across all stages of the marketing funnel.

Source diverse UGC types at scale, including photos, videos, product demos, reviews, testimonials, and more.
Influencer Posts
Boost your brand awareness and reach new audiences through paid posts with brand-match influencers.
Product Seeding
Source authentic UGC at $0 - easily ship your products to numerous influencers in exchange for honest reviews or posts.
Run commission-based influencer collabs (pay per sale, conversion, or click) easily with Insense's commission payment feature.
TikTok Shop
Get matched with vetted TikTok Shop Creators for engaging shoppable videos and maximize your campaign performance with Spark Ad codes delivered within your Insense dashboard.
Meta Partnership Ads
Increase your conversions through Whitelisting/Creator Licensing enabling you to run ads behind Influencer accounts, boosting social proof and ROAS.
TikTok Spark Ads
Transform your top-performing organic UGC on TikTok into authentic-looking ads with Spark Ad codes.

Client results

Reduced content turnaround to 2 weeks

  • Discovered 322 health & wellness creators who aligned perfectly with their brand
  • Significantly enhanced team efficiency and cost-effectiveness by managing creator relationships at scale with a team of 2

Choose a plan based on your needs


You have a team to manage the platform?


from $500 /mo
Boost your creator marketing through combined content and influencer campaigns. Scale UGC, grow organic reach, optimize influencer ads.


from $800 /mo
Enhance agency operations and customer service by introducing innovative creative services, suitable for brand collectives and Amazon aggregators.


Short on time and team capacity?

Dedicated Platform Manager

from $1,800 /mo
Save 40 hours by integrating a dedicated specialist into your team. They will handle your campaign launches, manage creator operations, and ensure the timely collection of final deliverables.

Ready-To-Go UGC

from $2,800 /mo
End-to-end UGC service where our team handles everything from creative research and concept development to content production.

How to speed up UGC sourcing with modular content

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How to speed up UGC sourcing with modular content