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Find the perfect creators, use the brief templates for smooth communication, manage every campaign, and track results in your centralized dashboard.
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Why Insense

Build influencer relationships
Build influencer relationships

Find influencers and creators to work with on long-term collaborations as brand ambassadors

Build influencer relationships
1-click whitelisting solution

Find the right influencers for your whitelisting campaigns and run the ads with 1-click through the platform

Build influencer relationships
Get raw footage + fully-edited ads

Fill your creative library with raw footage, fully-edited ads as well as extra b-rolls for creative testing

Use Insense for

Just Content

Just Content

Produce authentic UGC ad creatives for your paid social channels.

Organic Posting

Organic Posting

Work with creators to post content to their audience for organic reach and conversions.

Creator Adas

Creator Ads

Run ads from creator's handles (whitelisted ads) on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

What our clients say

Results from Insense clients


Increased ROAS by 46% with TikTok's new Video Shopping Ads feature


Generated 700+ Facebook attributed sales through UGC + whitelisted ads

Discover 20,000+ vetted UGC creators and micro-influencers

We have a diverse range of creators:


Located in US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany.


Diverse age groups from families with toddlers through to teenagers and mature creators (50+).


English-speaking creators are the majority but you can also find native speakers in Spanish, German, French and more


Brands can put handles of the creators they like and the platform will automatically match to the similar profiles.


Brands can use tags that make the search easier: hair type, kids, body type, etc.


Beauty, supplements, consumer goods, food, fashion and more.

Diverse images of creators

End-to-end campaign management


Create a brief


Create a brief

Fill out the interactive brief in a few minutes by selecting the relevant options for your campaign and choosing your desired creator profile.

Create a brief

Get matched to the right creators

Match Creators

Get matched to the right creators

We will match you to the perfect creator profiles that fit with your brand and campaign goal. Review the selection and start your collaborations.

Get matched to the right creators

Get results  

Get content

Get results  

Receive content from your creators directly through the chat. Request revisions or click approve for posting, or download the content for your ads.

For Whitelisting campaigns in Instagram, click "connect to Facebook Ads Manager" in the chat and the creator will be automatically connected to your Ads Manager, then you're all set to run ads from their handle.

For TikTok Spark Ads just get code from creator in the chat.

Get content

Unlock the potential of UGC ads to drive higher conversions

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We'll discuss a personalized strategy and show you how our platform works.

Get matched with your perfect creators in minutes

Using your creator avatar, creators apply directly to your campaigns from our vetted marketplace of 20,000+ experienced UGC creators.
Start working with them immediately.

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