Build relations with creators

Discover the art of effortlessly and effectively managing creator relationships where strategic success meets minimal operational effort.

Upscale paid social with creators

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Build long-term  Creator Partnerships

Build deep and lasting relationships with creators that resonate with your audience, increase brand loyalty, and maintain a consistent message.

  • Easily test multiple influencers on short-term campaigns to find the perfect long-term collaborations.

  • Easily set up a long-term campaign on the platform and work with the same person over time.

Streamline creator relationship management

Get all your favorite creators in one place and manage relationships with them effortlessly, so you can focus more on strategic engagement and less on operational tasks.

  • Easily navigate past collaborations and find creators from your previous campaigns.

  • Create custom creator lists based on your categorization, as well as favorites and block lists.

  • Easily manage your creator lists by adding and deleting creators from Direct Chat, Creator Profile, and Marketplace.

View creator's portfolios, ratings and performance

Improve your communication with creators

Use our advanced direct chat and filters for more effective communication and smarter creator selection.

  • Streamline your communication with creators in our Direct Chat, increasing overall campaign effectiveness.

  • Shortlist favorite creators from all applications in your launched campaign to speed communication with the right creators.

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Simplify data management and payments

Easily manage critical campaign information and streamline financial transactions.

  • Get quick access to critical campaign data, from detailed shipping information to creator profiles.

  • Streamline the reimbursement system to ensure prompt and hassle-free payments.

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