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Bones Coffee

Received 54 UGC ads in 3 months which achieved 2.16 ROAS and 21% CTR


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Bones Coffee


By running 16 video assets delivered by Insense, the brand achieved $25k revenue in 1 month

2.16 ROAS

2.16 ROAS in their initial content campaign


Their ads ranked in the top 23% of their industry with a 21% CTR

Bones Coffee | Insense Case StudyTypes of collaborations

Bones Coffee, a family-run business, was founded to bring exciting flavors (such as strawberry cheesecake) into the otherwise boring landscape of coffee companies across the globe.


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Managed Service

The Challenge

  • Bones Coffee struggled to find creators who matched their brand's look and feel, despite testing other influencer platforms such as Grin and #paid.
  • The brand didn't have time to conduct research or creative testing for their marketing strategy.
  • Also, the brand lacked the manpower to produce the necessary volume of content for their growth goals.

The Solution

Insense provided a Fully Managed Service to Bones Coffee, which resulted in them receiving 54 UGC videos with minimal involvement from their team within three months. The complete hands-off solution included creative strategy and creator management, allowing the Bones Coffee team to focus on running their business while Insense produced ad creatives for them.

Pro Tip:  

The brand was searching for 27+ year-old creators who could perform funny and humorous content and match their brand tone of voice. Thanks to Insense’s vetted creator marketplace, they were able to source nine creators with diverse personalities and remarkable authenticity.

Pro Tip:  

The meticulous research and strategy conducted by Insense were crucial for optimizing creative testing. We delivered 9 video concepts and 18 hook variations based on the latest trends.

Pro Tip:  
“The quality of content we have received thus far has surpassed our expectations, and we couldn't be more pleased with the results. We truly value the exceptional level of talent and professionalism demonstrated by the creators provided by the Insense team.”
Jarrad Morrissey

Jarrad Morrissey

Creative Manager

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