Fast Sourcing of Global and Niche Influencers

Whether you're looking to expand into new geographies, target specific industries or demographics, our in-house team of scouts can handle this complexity.

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Find Exactly Who You Need

Influencers WorldWide

Our scouting team covers 4 global regions and over 20 countries, allowing brands to easily expand into new markets and territories.

Hard-to-find Niche Profiles

Whether it's unique industries like gaming and business or specific professions such as lawyers and nurses, we specialize in finding and integrating niche profiles into your campaigns.

Diverse Demographics

Looking for experienced voices? We efficiently connect you with influencers over 50, ensuring your campaign resonates with a broader audience spectrum.

Plan Details & Pricing

Get influencer profiles you need, from global locations to niche categories, vetted and onboarded to your campaigns

What is included:
  • Vetted Influencers

    We selectively handpick influencers that perfectly match your campaign's objectives and safety standards, including creating a tailored list, conducting outreach, and ensuring brand alignment.

  • Onboarding to Campaign

    Following a thorough vetting process, we facilitate the onboarding of influencers onto your campaign, enabling direct communication and collaboration between you and the influencers.

  • Comprehensive Scouting Report

    We provide in-depth insights on each selected influencer, covering their niche, audience reach, engagement rates, and overall compatibility with your campaign.

*Our sourcing process is contingent upon the provision of an adequate budget that fairly compensates the influencer for their collaboration.

*Our service is exclusively available for paid campaigns, excluding product seeding

Profiles We Can Source for You

While our Creator Marketplace offers immediate access to over 20,000 vetted influencers from 9 countries across 10 categories,
we're also equipped to source the following profiles upon request:


Western & Northern Europe
  • Austria

  • Belgium

  • Ireland

  • Austria

  • Switzerland

  • Portugal

  • Denmark

  • Norway

  • Finland

  • Sweden

  • New Zealand

  • Singapore

Central Europe
  • Czech Republic

  • Poland

Central & South America (UGC only)


  • Gaming

  • Business & Finance

  • Outdoors & Nature

  • Specific jobs: Ex., Healthcare providers,
    lawyers, real estate agents

  • Creators Over 50

And more upon request

How It Works

Step 1

a clipboard with a check mark on it

Requirement Sharing

Submit a comprehensive brief outlining your specific needs, including:

  • Vertical: The specific niche or category

  • Demographics: Influencer's origin, location, and age.

  • Collaboration Type: Need for content creation and/or audience engagement.

  • Budget: Defined budget for the collaboration, ensuring aligned expectations.

  • Metrics: Target benchmarks for followers, views, engagement (if applicable)

3 days

Step 2

Custom Scouting

Leveraging our creator network and a team of scouts, we identify, list, reach out to, vet, and onboard influencers, integrating them into your campaign for direct collaboration.

  • Listing & Reaching Out

  • Vetting and Onboarding

  • Campaign Integration

Up to 20 days

Ready to Elevate Your Influencer Marketing?

Let Insense's Influencer Scouting Service open the door to global, quality, and precisely matched influencer collaborations.