Unlock Explosive Growth of Sales with Affiliate Campaigns

Integrate influencers into your scalable affiliate marketing strategy.

Upscale paid social with creators

How to Drive Sales with Influencer Affiliate Campaigns

Affiliate marketing with Influencers - where the influencer promotes the brand's products or services to their followers using a unique affiliate link or discount code and receives a commission or incentive for each sale they drive to the brand (pay per sale, conversion or click)

Pay for actual conversions and results

Optimize your marketing budget by paying only for tangible conversions and measurable results

Build a long-term partnership for brand advocacy

Cultivate lasting partnerships with influencers for ongoing brand advocacy

Easily scale to reach bigger audiences

Effortlessly scale campaigns to reach larger audiences and expand your brand's visibility

Get matched with influencers for Affiliate Campaigns

Highlight in the Brief description that you are looking for affiliate collaborations for the right matches.

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Leverage Insense's Commission Feature for Influencer Payments

Achieve real results by compensating influencers for each successful sale they generate through your affiliate campaigns. Insense's commission feature ensures convenient payment and motivates influencers to maximize their efforts for your brand.

Scale with Ease: Manage Multiple Influencer Campaigns

Streamline the process by sending generated affiliate links directly to influencers via Insense's Direct Chat. Facilitate seamless collaboration and empower influencers to effortlessly promote your products to their audience.

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Scale with Ease: Manage Multiple Influencer Campaigns

Expand your affiliate collaborations effortlessly by managing up to 20 or more influencers at once with Insense Campaign Management. Save time and streamline your efforts while reaching a larger audience for your brand.

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“We like Insense because it is easy to work with the creators and we can get a constant flow of content”
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