Free Guides for eComm Brands

A collection of ebooks and illustrative examples empowering stronger social media advertising strategies.

How to Build Creative Team Synergy

Lower your CPA and increase the ROI for your paid social campaigns with a data-driven team.

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The Winning UGC Creator Ads Blueprint

Brands have seen huge improvements in their ROAS after mastering the art of creating winning UGC ad creatives.

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Stand Out from your Competition with Scroll-Stopping Creative

The guide on how to plan, produce, scale, and test ad creative strategy for eCommerce that boosts engagement, action, and ROI!

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The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Whitelisting

According to Facebook, consumers prefer ads with influencers over traditional brand ads - resulting in an average increase in campaign performance of 2X. But how do you safely and easily get a creator to run an ad for you? Get started by downloading Insense's step-by-step guide.

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Crushing Holiday Sales with Advanced Paid Social Strategies

Driving sales during Holiday Season in Q4 is extremely difficult and expensive for DTC brands. That's why we put together a guide with the best emerging strategies for TikTok, Facebook and Instagram that you need for Q4 success.

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Top 5 Emerging Communication Strategies for eComms

In this guide you will learn how to build personalised experiences for your customers during each step of ecomm funnel: from 1st touch to the repeat purchase.

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Why do we create these guides for you?

Meaningful partnerships with creators and amplifying their content for paid promotion is an essential strategy for eComm brands. We know this - but did you?

We've helped hundreds of eComm brands grow on paid social channels - and yours could be next. Here at Insense, we're always open to conversation and offering support - all you need to do is book your free consultancy call and we'll guide you from there.

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