UGC + influencer campaigns taking up too much time? Let us help

Our dedicated platform manager will handle your influencer and UGC campaigns, saving you 40+ hours per month. From creator shortlisting and communication to campaign management, we've got it covered, freeing you to focus on your business growth.

Upscale paid social with creators

Benefits of the advanced plan

Save time

Win back 40+ hours of time per month:

Delegate the creator communication and campaign management to us, so you can focus on strategic growth.


Leverage our years of expertise:

We know the best practices for structuring briefs and shortlisting creators, ensuring your campaigns are optimized for success.

Manage creators

Cost-effective solution:

Gain the benefits of having an in-house dedicated manager without the hassle and expense of hiring and onboarding a new team member.

Plan details & pricing

Affordable UGC & influencer campaign management


Starting from

$1,500 per month

three-month commitment

* creator costs are not included

Save over 40 hours per month with help from a dedicated platform manager who will handle the bulk of your influencer & UGC campaigns.

What is included:
  • 20 influencers / month

  • 5 campaigns / month

  • Creator shortlisting

  • Creator communication

  • Campaign launching & management

  • Creative strategy ($300 add-on)

  • Post-production ($300 add-on)

Customize your plan with add-ons




Creative strategy

Take the hassle out of content planning with our creative strategy add-on. Ideal for those short on time or resources, we'll develop 3 unique concepts for organic and paid social campaigns, and we'll craft a detailed creative brief.

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ad creatives



We'll manage the creator collaborations to source the content for you campaigns, then our team of motion designers will transform the assets into high-quality post-produced ads.

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Add 10 extra creators

We'll find and manage an additional 10 UGC creators and/or influencers for your campaigns, handling the collaborations from end-to-end.

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Save valuable time with Insense

Delegate the management of your campaigns and creators to a dedicated Insense platform manager. Here's how it works:


You define your campaign goals and requirements:

Outline your brief requirements, the creative concept, the profile of creators you need, your budget, and the scope of your influencer posting and UGC ad campaigns.


Insense launches the campaign:

After receiving your concept, we'll provide our advice and feedback, then we'll fill out the creative brief on the Insense platform. We take care of launching the campaign, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

(Optional add-on: we can also develop the creative strategy if needed)


Insense manages the creator shortlisting & communication:

We handle the process of finding and communicating with suitable UGC creators and influencers for your campaigns.

(Optional add-on: we can also handle post-production if needed)

Reviews from our clients

Reviews from active Insense users.

"The advanced plan is a huge help when needing briefs to be built, creator communication and creator outreach"

Melissa V.

Paid Social Acquisition Manager

"It’s great to have someone moving along the process managing the relationship with the creators to get the content over the line so I can focus on creative strategy."

Rafay H.

Marketing Operations

"Consistent progress towards high-quality video creatives."

Michael T.


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Let us help you with your campaign management

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