10 Awesome Christmas Marketing Campaign Ideas Will Make this Your Best Year Yet

Domenic Smith
Domenic Smith
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Let’s be real, 2020 was one big letdown. But with the holiday season upon us, there’s a big opportunity to turn things around and end the year on a high note. Better yet, we have prepared a little guide for you to make this the best year yet for your brand! Don’t believe us? Put your trust in the consumer insights themselves, and position your brand to come out on top.

By finding out what shoppers want, we can be best poised to meet and exceed those expectations. And brands that do so are the ones that consumers come to again and again, so let’s not miss this chance to make something to remember in a year that’s best to forget.

Top 5 Factors Holiday Shoppers Care Most About

  •    Price
  •    Product Availability
  •    Product Choices
  •    Free Shipping
  •    Hassle-free in-store experience

Source: “Facebook Global Holiday Study” by YouGov (online survey of 48,348 people ages 18+ in 31 countries, Dec 2-24, 2019), February 2020

Let’s see how these five factors figure into our tips for your best Christmas marketing campaign.

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10 Ideas for an Awesome Marketing Campaign for Christmas

1. Make your packaging custom, and memorable

Your product packaging is another face of your brand, so make sure that first impression is one to remember. Unboxing is half the fun, so make it an interesting and enjoyable process for your customers, not just something they’ll rip up to get inside. Make them feel like they’re paying for an experience, not just an item. Add a Christmas themed touch for that extra care and holiday spirit.

2. Prepare your store and the technical setup for uploading store sales data

This is the most “boring” item on the list, but it’s also one of the most important. With an onslaught of traffic and customers, make sure that your online store is properly prepared to handle it. The last thing you want is a server hiccup making your site inaccessible or a technical issue preventing a sale from going through. There is only so much patience customers have, don’t push it!

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3. Create a digital catalogue

Catalogues haven’t disappeared, they’ve just gone digital. A well-crafted and photographed catalogue is another representation of your brand and the lifestyle you’re trying to convey. Catalogues are a great way to visually present your products and even create a story that customers can flip through. Interactive catalogues are even better and engage the viewer in a playful manner.

4. Make sure your most popular products are actually in stock!

This one may go without saying, but it needs to be said. Your most popular product will sell out fast if you let it. Don’t miss out on sales (and potential future customers) because of a badly planned inventory. If you do have a product that is in limited quantity for one reason or another, make sure that your Christmas campaign emphasizes that. A live stock counter can encourage your customers to pull the trigger quicker, but don’t misrepresent the numbers.

5. Offer Free Shipping, duh

Customers today expect free shipping, and all your competitors do it. If you must, add some of the cost to the price of the product, the free shipping will still attract more buyers regardless. And don’t forget about expedited shipping closer to the holidays. There are lots of last-minute buyers, and they could be your buyers if you incentivize them with free or discounted express shipping.

6. Make Clear Cut-off Dates for Last Purchases

There are times when even expedited shipping won’t get your package to the buyer in time. In the lead-up to Christmas, every day counts. Make sure your buyers understand the urgency and don’t put off buying till the last minute. Make this clear in your Christmas marketing campaigns. If you’re Texas based your buyer in Alabama might get the package in two days, but your customer in Hawaii is going to need a week or more, so cutoff dates for certain regions are necessary.

7. Create Item Bundles

Everybody loves a bundle, and they make great gifts. A well-curated bundle can make the purchase easier for the buyers, and the extra cost saving vs purchasing individually doesn’t hurt. Hair care and beauty products are perfect for a bundle, especially when you create thematic and special skin and hair type bundles for your diverse customer base. Make sure your Christmas marketing campaign emphasizes this!

8. Update Your Promotional Imagery and Store Photos

It’s the holidays, get in on the spirit! No matter if it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or the New Year, your promotions and social media pages should reflect the festive mood. When a customer visits, they need to immediately realize that there is a holiday-themed promo, offer or unique product available. Don’t be afraid to change things up quickly and often, the variance is what can attract new buyers or old ones to take a second look.

9.Partner Up with Other Businesses!

Power in numbers baby. Competition is good, but we’re also in this together. Find brands and small businesses that share your vision and ideals and complement your own products or service. If you sell purses, maybe somebody else has got belts that would look great together. Or maybe you’re based in the same town and can do a collective ‘support local businesses’ campaign. Best of all, you’ll get to share each other’s audiences with another and gain a whole new set of fans.

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10. Partner Up with Creators and Influencers!

Made that awesome custom packaging we talked about? Show it off by sending your product to influencers in your niche and have users make and share their own unboxing videos. Insense.pro is a platform that connects brands with creators and influencers for more efficient and effective marketing campaigns that drive more engagement and more conversions. Isn’t that what we all want for Christmas?

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Make Your Best Christmas Marketing Campaign Ever

It’s been a tough year; you deserve a good holiday season. We all do. That’s why consumers will be looking to reward themselves this year, even if it’s with a small luxury. Ensure that your brand is there to make people’s holiday wishes come true. And if you want to give influencer marketing a shot this holiday season, get in touch for a free no-obligation demo. Happy holidays!

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