Insense Launches Updated Instagram Creator Campaign Platform

Our newly updated system gives you a simpler, faster,
and more effective way to hire the creators you need for Instagram campaigns.
Hiring the right Instagram content creators is a powerful way to engage your customer base, and a native, organic way for you to promote your brand or product.

In case you haven't used Insense: we offer a simple, user-friendly way for you to set up Instagram campaigns with some of the hottest creators on the scene. You can connect with creators who represent your target demographic, and who use their voice and authority to create buzz around your products, content and brand. These creators advocate for what you're selling, and Insense is the platform that connects you with them.

What Can You Expect With Our New Updates?
Once your subscription is set up and you start creating campaigns, the first step is to set up
a brief, then choose the best creators for your project.

We've updated the Insense interface to improve navigation through the entire process. Our updates leveraged feedback and suggestions from real clients and creators, people who have been using our platform for months, and who have experience using other platforms.

Highlights of the new brief include:
  • Shorter, with more concise, targeted information
  • Requirements clearly indicated, such as attendance at an event or shoot on-site
  • More specific and clear instructions for creators
  • Ability to add "mood board" reference images, or sample content
  • Ability to add cover image to make your brief really stand out
Highlights of creator selection include:
Before creators have been finalized, you can converse with those that have opted in and are interested in the project. That way, you ensure each creator is a good match before you spend time engaging them.
  • If you find an ideal creator while your brief is still accepting applicants, you can start working with them straight away. You can also stop listing the brief if you're happy with your creator selection
  • View prices for all creators, open a chat with any of them and discuss or negotiate further. Manage details and specifics for all your creators in a single window
  • Now you can also create content for advertising purposes without having to publish on Instagram
  • Finish deals with creators once the job is complete, get all notifications and manage everything seamlessly from your dashboard
Once a creator has accepted the brief and a budget has been agreed upon, brands can onboard them immediately and start collaborating on creating the content. Brands can now also work much closer with the creators they choose and can find them according to the project brief, which is easy to set up and customize.

A newly updated chat area gives clients and creators the opportunity to start communicating on content creation immediately, without skipping a beat. We know that your time is precious, so we don't want you to waste a single moment getting your campaigns out there. The "old" Insense was fairly quick, it's now even faster!

It doesn't stop there, either. Once the content has gone live and the campaign has run its course, you can access insightful data that dives straight into campaign results and how well it has performed for you.
Sounds great, right?
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